By May 20, 2011

An Android app for Epilepsy


The Epilepsy Society has launched a mobile app for the Android Market following the charity’s hugely successful iPhone app in 2010. The app, available free of charge, contains essential first aid tips, including a step by step guide to the recovery position, basic information about epilepsy and a link to an interactive seizure diary.

NSE communications manager Amanda Cleaver said:  “Epilepsy is a very complex condition. Being able to record details about seizures and make notes about circumstances leading up to an episode are vital to the management and treatment of the condition.

“We also hope that the app will have universal appeal  as the first aid advice and step by step guide to the recovery position can be a useful tool for anyone.”

The Android app has been developed with the help of employees from IT company Citrix through the company’s Global Day of Impact scheme. Volunteers, including Robert O’Keefe and Shawn Fraser, worked to develop the app based on knowledge of the Android platform and  the design of the original iPhone app.

Robert O’Keefe, localisation manager at Citrix said: “Epilepsy is a subject close to my heart and having the opportunity to put my skills towards improving public knowledge of the condition is invaluable. When I saw the iPhone app in the App Store, I knew there was a chance to reach a wider audience in the Android market and was determined to make it happen. The Global Day of Impact scheme played a crucial role in bringing the app to market and I’d urge more companies to look at similar programmes. “

Commented Amanda: “We are so grateful to Citrix for their help in this project. Thanks to them, the latest technology is now available to more people than ever before.”

The app, ‘epilepsy society’ is available to download free of charge from:


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