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Asus Padfone Officially Introduced at Computex 2011

padfone3Introducing the Asus Padfone, a high concept tablet/phone combination that was announced at Computex 2011 this weekend. A package consisting of an 4-inch Android smartphone which can dock into a companion 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 tablet. The tablet’s separate battery can be used to recharge the phone, while the phone’s 3G connection can get the slate online when away from a WiFi hotspot.

ASUS is promising a “seamless” transition from the phone to the tablet UI, with whatever you’ve been looking at on the handset automatically expanding to suit the slate, along with the improved web browsing experience you’d expect from a bigger display. If a call comes in while the phone is docked, then it can either be removed or answered with a Bluetooth headset.

Phone and slate can access the same storage in the handset, and since there’s only one 3G radio then you don’t have to swap your SIM between two modems or sign up for a second data connection. The UI has been modified to suit both displays, either showing mobile sites on the phone or full sites on the tablet. The phone itself has two cameras, a front-facing webcam – just like the tablet – and a 5-megapixel camera on the back which can also be used through a hole in the PadFone dock.

ASUS is saying that finalized hardware specifications haven’t been decided on yet, and nor have pricing or availability, so don’t get your hopes up too much. Still, as concepts go, this is an intriguing one.

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BlackBerry Torch 2 caught on video


Those cheeky monkeys at have managed to get themselves a BlackBerry Torch 2 to play with. The device is still unofficially announced by RIM so I don’t suppose they are particularly happy with the device being out in the wild but these things happens from time to time.

As we have seen before in photos the Torch 2 shares the same body with its predecessor, although now being silver instead of black, but inside it is a whole new phone. With a 1.2GHz processor, better screen resolution and running BlackBerry 7 you will see in the video that the OS runs extremely smoothly.

We know the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is coming in the near future. I wonder how much after that the Torch 2 will be. I want to play!

You can see the hands on video here compliments of


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Storage Options IPCam unboxing video

Storage_Options_Night_and_Day_IP_Camera IP security cameras aren’t particularly new, I remember trying my first one out for a client about 15 years ago. They used to be extremely expensive even for the most basic models. They weren’t very good either.

However, a few weeks ago I started looking for internet or IP cameras to install here at home while I was on holiday so that I could keep an eye on the place and on the building work going on at my home while I was away. I was surprised to find this IPcam from storage options for around £60. When you consider what you get for the money; motorised pan and tilt functionality, wireless and wired network connectivity and both day and night modes, it sounded like a bargain. I bought one!

I’ve recorded a brief unboxing video for you below and have been using the camera for a few weeks now. It’s quite impressive. IQ is acceptable but only VGA resolution. I like being able to control everything from the web interface though so you can move the camera around as well as set up email alerts when it detects movement or upload images via FTP and thanks to the infra-red LEDs you can see in total darkness too.


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