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O2 release HTC Desire Froyo update – wait, no they didn’t

froyo In a strange display of corporate confusion, O2 today released the long awaited Android 2.2 firmware update for the network’s Desire handsets, only to pull it shortly afterwards.  Why did the network pull the update so quickly?  Well it appears that not all Desires took to the update well, with O2 stating some handsets were experiencing issues.  While it’s clearly frustrating – especially as the vanilla HTC update has been around for a while now, and with many UK networks already having their own version out – firmware flashing is a process that can brick a handset in seconds.  It seems O2 would rather be safe than very, very sorry.  Here’s the situation in their own words:

“As some of you will have noticed the Android 2.2 Froyo update for HTC Desire on O2 went live this morning. While we’re pleased that so many of you have been able to download it successfully and are enjoying the benefits of 2.2, we have seen that a small number of people are having problems installing the update.

While we check out these issues we’re putting the 2.2 update on hold. We’ll update you as soon as possible and would like to thank our HTC Desire customers for their patience.”

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First Windows Phone 7 Advert


Microsoft have started their marketing campaign by showing a video advert at a one of cinema showing last week.

I’m not sure if we will see this same advert appearing on our TVs but as you will see below the phone displays the words ‘The Revolution is coming’.

Will we all be dumping our iPhones, Android and BlackBerry smartphones for a WM7 device? I wouldn’t have thought so, straight away at least, but you never know.

We will have some hands on time with Windows Phone 7 in the coming weeks so stay tuned for some video.


WP7 advert after the break

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iPod Touch an iPhone? Well Apple’s Photoshop People Seem to Think So

image4_20100901 The 4th gen iPod Touch is basically just an iPhone without the phone, right? Well someone at Apple’s art department seems to think differently, as they have managed to accidentally include the phone app in the images of the latest iPod Touch.  And it doesn’t stop there, when you search using Spotlight, you get SMS as well. But it does remind you that Apple is not just a heartless company with robots for employees. They do make the occasional mistake *cough* iPhone antenna problems *cough*.

Read on for the images…

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HTC HD3 is HD7 and is a beast of a WP7 device

htc-hd3-windows-phone-7-0 Android may have the software but if the rumours of the forthcoming HD3 are to be believed, it could really be the HD7 that James alluded to last week.  With stunning specs to make a netbook blush, it may have the first dual-core CPU in a phone (1.5 MHz ARM) and a staggering 1280×800 4.5" AMOLED screen.  There’s also a rumoured 8 megapixel camera, 1gb of internal memory and up to 32gb of ‘external’ memory.  All this will be the engine for Redmond’s newest and brightest – Windows Phone 7.  Many are saying that WP7 has a possibly insurmountable mountain to climb but armed with hardware like this and integrated features like Xbox Live, only a fool would place all the chips on MS’s failure.  Is this the beginning of the dreadnought-like uberphones?


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Motorola FlipOut Review


The concept of the Motorola FlipOut is most definitely an odd one. We have had sliding Qwerty handsets for years now and this one just kind of warps the traditional style a wee bit. 

As you would have seen in Matt’s demo video the FlipOut highlighted some screen issues but does this make it a bad phone?

Read on to find out…


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Carphone Warehouse launches 14 day coverage guarantee


Carphone Warehouse has launched a 14 day coverage guarantee – the first policy of its kind to offer exchanges or refunds on new products where network coverage is inadequate.

The new coverage guarantee will allow store managers to refund any new product where consumers report coverage difficulties at home or at work rather than relying on computerised coverage maps to sanction refund policies.


Matt Stringer, MD of Carphone Warehouse, said: ‘Some customers have reported that they can be put off switching network operator because they are worried about bad reception in their home or office. With the Coverage Guarantee we’re leading the way in giving consumers the confidence to choose the network deal best for them, secure in the knowledge they can change if necessary.’

Nice work CPW!


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iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Ready

Cydia Logo

It is not even out yet, but the good people over at the iPhone Dev Team have managed to Jailbreak iOS 4.1. ?Comex, the creator of the Spirit and jailbreaks is saying that he has already located 2 exploits in iOS 4.1. The first one is similar to the jailbreak as it uses a loophole in iOS itself, which makes it simple for the user to impliment, whereas the second one is in the bootrom of the iPhone at the hardware level. Which makes the second jailbreak will be much harder to impliment than the first, but as the second one is deep down within the iPhone, it will be much harder for Apple to lock it down.

Look for it to be available the same day that iOS 4.1 is, which is rumoured to be September 8th.


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Toshiba and Philips join the 3D TV party

philips3d Along with Tablet, 3D is the definitely the buzzword of IFA and two more major TV manufactures are getting in on the act.  Toshiba, while still not ready to unleash the frankly scary Cell Regza on shores outside Japan, have gone all in with 3D and LED on their latest sets, the REGZA WL768 series.  Coming in 40″, 46″ and 55″ flavours, they will hopefully herald a slightly cheaper option to the Samsung 8000 series, currently the cheapest 3D LED option. 

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Orange fiddles with their PAYG options


Whilst O2 seem to be removing rewards from it’s pay as you go customers Orange seems to be taking the opportunity to win some.

Orange reveals that it is enriching its popular Pay As You Go (PAYG) animal plans by offering even better value top-up rewards for its diverse customer base. Read on for extra details.

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Epic Citadel on iPad


Project Sword is a forthcoming 3D game on the iOS platform and if you saw the Apple press conference this week you would have seen how amazing it is. Epic Citadel is a demo of the game and is in the app store right now. Available on the iPod, iPhone and iPad it sure gives a nice insight to the future of 3D gaming.

Check out the video below and if you fancy giving it a try head over to the app store and download it. It’s free.

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