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Windows Phone 7 to debut on all five UK networks

windows-phone-7-logoMicrosoft have confirmed that all five UK networks will be stocking the new range of Windows Phone 7 handsets. Microsoft haven’t officially confirmed the release date for Windows Phone 7, but the smart money seems to be on October 11th.

Alex Reeve from Microsoft said: “Following our announcement at the recent Mobile World Congress that Orange will be our lead partner, it is wonderful now to have all of the UK’s network operators supporting the launch of Windows Phone 7. This means we can provide network choice and also a range of phones across networks for customers to choose from, all with the power of Windows Phone 7.”

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South Yorkshire Police get a BlackBerry solution (Video)


I know this isn’t really mobile news but I think it is pretty interesting not only as I’m a BlackBerry fan but it’s nice to see corporate organizations are still turning to BlackBerry when we hear so much about how many are switching away from BlackBerry to iOS and Android.

As you will see in the video below South Yorkshire Police have conducted a trial and currently have issued 1000 BlackBerry devices to their staff with a view to roll out a further 2000.

The whole point of this is to make officers more efficient and the study has proven this. Of course the force has a couple of special applications that you and I wont get our hands on. This will give officers access to certain databases which historically they would have needed to be in the police station to use.

See the video after the break:

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Revolabs xTag USB Wireless Microphone unboxing video

xtag1 If you are a regular Skype user like me or you do a lot of voice dictation then having a good quality microphone is a must. However the next feature you may look for is wireless connectivity. I personally find hands-free or rather wire-free podcasting much more convenient.

The problem is that all too often the lack of cable also leads to a lack of quality. But with the Revolabs xTag Microphone you get quality and convenience, a wearable microphone and headphone combination.

The Revolabs xTag Microphone is a wireless microphone ideal for business schools or even video calling family and friends. With crystal clear clarity your audience will hear every single word. The microphone is light, slim and can be attached to a lapel or use the lanyard supplied. Using the lastest in audio technology to make sure you get heard.

Below you’ll find a brief unboxing video and we’ll have the review up for you soon. is currently offering the xTag Microphone and the Facevision TouchCam N1 Webcam as an exclusive bundle.

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Orange launch the Android San Francisco


Orange have this week launched there own branded super cool Android 2.1 device which on PAYG will retail for a mere £99.

As you will see below the device had pretty good specs for the money and if you read on you will also see the video that Conor from Orange recorded giving a brief demo. I have just spoken with Conor who conformed that the San Francisco should be in some retail stores now and will appear online at the end of the week.

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