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HP Slate cancelled?

hp-slate A source “who’s been briefed on the matter” reveals that the Windows 7-based Intel-powered tablet from HP has been canned citing that “it’s too power hungry” as the reason for foregoing its further development and public release. Speculation is that a similarly designed HP tablet could be announced later this year with either Google Chrome or Android as its OS. HP’s recent acquisition of Palm also suggests that a webOS-powered HP Slate might be unveiled in the near future as well.

HP hasn’t commented on these new rumors yet though we are hoping to get some sort of confirmation in the coming days or weeks. For now, we’re listing the future of the Windows 7 HP Slate as questionable.

Source techcrunch

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Are RIM working on a BlackBerry Pad?

bb pad

The guys over at are convinced that RIM are currently working on a BlackBerry pad.

Apparently they have inside information and if past history is anything to go on then they may well be right. The word on the street is that RIM have ordered 8.9" display screens from Hon Hai.

Please note that the image here is a mock up of what the BlackBerry tablet may look like. It’s not a photo.

With the Apple iPad recently released I think all the big manufactures will be following suit over the next year or two.

Are you a BlackBerry user? Would you use a BlackBerry tablet? Please let us know your thoughts in the forum.

Personally, I think RIM will have to do a blooming good job to make a tablet better than the iPad. Will I get a BlackBerry pad? Of course I will. I’m an addict!

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Sony Ericsson Elm Unboxing video


The Sony Ericsson Elm is from their ‘Greenheart’ range which means it is eco friendly being made from recycled plastics etc.

Not being a top end device I really don’t know much about the Elm but I don’t imagine there is that much to know. I get the impression that the Elm is one of those phones which people would really want for phone calls and texts and none of the smartphone features we have grown so accustomed too in recent times. We must not forget that a phone is primarily a phone and millions of users still only use a device for that alone.

Although I say the Sony Ericsson Elm is not a top end device it has got a few secret weapons in its Arsenal. Built in Sat Nav for starters. Maybe it is time those ‘phone users’ started getting a bit more out of there mobile devices?

In this, my first unboxing on, I give you a brief look around the device and also a sneaky peak into what the software offers.

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Twitter for Android

Twitter Android

Twitter for Android is now available for download in the Android Market.

Unfortunately it will only work on devices that have Android 2.1 so if you are still using an earlier version then I’m afraid you will have to carry on using your current Twitter app.

I’m not an Android user and I don’t currently have a 2.1 device laying around but I know a man that has. Phil Nickinson over at Android Central has published a video of him using the new application.

Head on over to Android Central and check it out.  We would love to hear your comments in the forum. And nice video Phil!

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Android gets official Twitter app


Already available on the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones, the official Twitter mobile app is now also available for the Android platform. Twitter for Android just hit the Android Market which features full support for widgets with the ability to view tweets direct from the Quick Contact bar as well as upload images and videos straight from the gallery. As good as it sounds, it’s not perfect though. It lacks support for multiple Twitter accounts and is currently only compatible with Android 2.1 (Nexus One, Droid Incredible, etc) and above devices. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty good first offering albeit restricted to Android 2.1 and above powered handsets, and whatever limitations this version has can easily be addressed in future software updates. For now, those still using an Android 1.6 device will have to content themselves with 3rd party developed Twitter apps for Android or accessing the popular social networking site at via the mobile web browser.

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O2 stopped buying the Palm Pre


O2 and Carphone Warehouse have stopped buying Palm Pre phones, Mobile News exclusively reveal. O2 said it had stopped buying the handsets because it ‘has enough to meet the demands’ of its customers. Carphone Warehouse, which bought the Palm Pre directly from O2, confirmed it had also stopped buying the device.
Palm’s Pre handset, which was launched exclusively on O2 in December last year, has struggled to make an impact in the UK market, with retail staff complaining of poor sales.

The news comes on the day IT giant HP announced it was buying Palm for £657m.
An O2 spokesman said: ‘Yes we have stopped buying Palm Pres because at the moment we have enough to meet the demands of our customers.’
In a blog on the O2 website today, general manger of devices Steve Alder had written: ‘When we first announced our exclusive relationship to sell the Palm Pre we talked about how exciting the webOS platform was and how it was a breakthrough in bringing information from lots of different places together.’

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Virgin Mobile customer base increases


Virgin Media increased its mobile customer base by 45 per cent in the first quarter of the year compared with the first quarter of 2009. It now has 1,030,900 subscribers with 81,200 net contract additions in the quarter, up 29 per cent. ARPU during the period was up 4.3 per cent to £13.70, while revenue dipped by 2.5 per cent year-on-year to £131.9 million.

The decline in revenues reflected a reduction in prepay mobile subscribers and the lower mobile termination rates which was introduced in April. Its net disconnections in the quarter for prepay was 196,100, which reflected its decision not to focus on prepay customers due to higher churn and lower overall lifetime value, it claimed.

Meanwhile, Virgin Media’s cable business also grew during the period with 41,700 new customers. ARPU also increased by 5.3 per cent to £45.01. Churn for its cable operations was at a record low of 1.1 per cent.

Virgin Media chief executive Neil Berkett said: "This quarter, we added cable customers at our fastest ever rate. A combination of higher gross additions, low churn and increased ARPU enabled us to deliver year-on-year cable revenue growth for the fourth consecutive quarter.

"We are developing our services to exploit our natural network advantage, both now and in the future. More customers than ever before are choosing faster broadband and every day millions of our customers are enjoying the benefits of the video-on-demand revolution we are leading.

"Finally, we have completed the last step of the refinancing of our debt, leaving us with a long term ‘fit for purpose’ capital structure that supports our ambitions to lead the market as the digital provider of choice."

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Palm Pre sales are rubbish



Palm Pre sales have been a disaster, claim staff in O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores. This follows news that Palm is to be put up for sale. Many stores have registering zero sales.
An O2 spokesperson said: “Palm Pre sales are in line with our expectations.”

But one store manager said “Our store has sold hardly any Palm Pres, It never stood a chance against the iPhone and they both advertise themselves as doing the same things”.

A Carphone staffer added: “It is a good device but it doesn’t really have a place in the market. No one knows who Palm is.  So Nokia, Sony Ericsson and the iPhone will always be preferred.”

The Pre is available exclusively on O2 contracts. It was also launched on a premium £35 per month tariff but has since become free on all tariffs to “shift stock” staff claim. According to O2 forums, sales were so low many smaller stores stopped selling the Pre. Other shop staff have reported software and hardware issues including freezing, poor battery life, and faults with its slide track.

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