By May 1, 2010

Are RIM working on a BlackBerry Pad?

bb pad

The guys over at are convinced that RIM are currently working on a BlackBerry pad.

Apparently they have inside information and if past history is anything to go on then they may well be right. The word on the street is that RIM have ordered 8.9" display screens from Hon Hai.

Please note that the image here is a mock up of what the BlackBerry tablet may look like. It’s not a photo.

With the Apple iPad recently released I think all the big manufactures will be following suit over the next year or two.

Are you a BlackBerry user? Would you use a BlackBerry tablet? Please let us know your thoughts in the forum.

Personally, I think RIM will have to do a blooming good job to make a tablet better than the iPad. Will I get a BlackBerry pad? Of course I will. I’m an addict!

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