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iPad apps are live in iTunes now

2 days before start of sales of iPad, Apple has switched on all the iPad apps…

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HTC Desire OTA ROM update

Desire-Brown_3-4_Right Just getting news in from a few tipsters that the HTC Desire has seen it’s first OTA update. You may recall James covered the news on the HTC Desire ROM situation last week and we’ve had a few updates status updates throughout the week.

My understanding is that the OTA ROM update takes us from 1.15.405.3  to  1.15.405.4

No I am guessing that this is to mop up any Desire units that made it out before Google approved the latest ROM on the 26th as the build we had on the review devices was already 1.15.405.4. I’m also guessing this will do nothing for T-Mobile or other carrier branded handsets as we know that the T-Mobile version was an earlier on those.

What’s changed in this ROM update then? I’d say very little given its minor revision number but if anyone out there notices anything then please let me know!


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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 64

Web bannerGareth, James, Matt and Andy are back for another chat about all things mobile. In this weeks episode Matt gets all gooey over the HTC Desire and slightly less gooey about the Xperia X10, new Tarrifs hit for 3 and Orange and a dreamy new phone emerges for the American market.

Regulars: James Richardson, Matt Davis, Gareth Myles and Andy Lee

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3UK prices on payg set to rocket


I don’t think this has hit their main website yet but I received a text from 3 with a link to their mobile portal (which unfortunately I can’t link to as you need to be connected via 3’s 3G to view it) which details a raft of price increases as of April 22.

I won’t list them all, but here are the main ones:
* Voicemail access is going from free to 15p/min
* Calls to other networks and landlines increasing from 20p/min to 25p/min
* Picture messages increasing from 25p to 30p
* Calling other countries in band 0,1,2 increasing by 5p/min 
* Calls while roaming in band 0 increasing 4p/min
* Receiving calls in band 1 countries increasing 9p/min, band 2 increasing 25p/min
* Calling most 084 and 087 numbers increasing 5p/min or per call

Free texts, data, and 3 to 3 minutes when topping up remain unchanged, and data prices also seem to remain unchanged.

I’m quite disappointed that they’ve decided to start charging for voicemail when they were the only network not charging for it (it was a selling point for me when joining them) – and that they decided to go with per minute charges for voicemail instead of per call as some of the networks.
This gives the ridiculous situation where you could ring someone also on the 3 network to make use of free 3 to 3 calls, and if you get through to them it is free to talk to them, but if you leave a message, it will now cost them to play that message back…

I’m struggling to see the rationale behind them raising calling prices pretty much across the board without an obvious precedent, and when you have MVNO’s like Asda offering rates as cheap as 8p/min, 3 increasing their off network calls from 20p to 25p/min just makes them look silly.

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Vlingo Mini Review


I have been using Vlingo for just over a week now and boy, has it made my life easier. If you have not heard of Vlingo then to summarise it, its an application that will allow you to convert speech to text.

I spend anything from two to five hours a day in my car which means if i want to email or instant message people I need to either pull over or wait until I have stopped. Not any more!

With the touch of a button Vlingo records your voice and converts it into text in pretty much any application on your phone.

Interested? Read more after the break.


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eXpansys Easter offers


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Stephen Fry gets it out


He’s got an iPad and he’s put together a very short unpacking video. He doesn’t unbox but shows off a handsome array of accessories to compliment. Obviously he is going to have a productive day.

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