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Qualcomm announce NFC technology

image Wireless chipset maker Qualcomm has announced the addition of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to a selection of its chipsets. NFC is short-range wireless data transfer technology operating at 13.56MHz and transferring data at up to 424Kbit/s. It is used in many contactless systems to provide a range of information, payment and travel options simply by bringing the device close to a reader. By adding NFC to its chipsets, Qualcomm is hoping to help accelerate the commercial availability of mobile handsets using this technology.

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Pointui Home 2 beta Now Available

image The beta of the highly anticipated Windows Mobile beta of Pointui Home 2 is now available for you to try. The free version of Home 2 contains a huge amount of functionality and customization possibilities without a time limit on its use. A Pro version of Home 2 will be made available (for purchase) that will extend the customization and functionality of Home 2 Free. More details, screenshots and download links after the break.

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O2 launches into growing laptop market

image Press Release : O2 today unveiled its plans to enter the laptop market with a promise to couple market-leading home and mobile broadband with impressive devices and excellent customer service. With laptop sales expected to reach 9-10 million devices in 20091, O2 is ranging Samsung laptops to create exclusive packages that will give customers everything they need to be more connected, with minimum fuss and hassle.  O2 will introduce three new Pay Monthly deals, available online and at its 490 stores nationwide, on 27 February 2009. With broadband bundles set to take a large proportion of the overall laptop market within three years, O2 is entering this market in a strong position with an all-round package that will meet the consumer needs of style, substance, staying power, service and security head-on.

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Android Market to get paid apps this week?

image According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, this week Google will start allowing developers to charge for software sold through the Android Market, their source apparently is “people familiar with the matter.” So there you go, this has been expected for some time as we also reported a few months back that they were coming in the first quarter of 2009.

With this development we can now expect to see the Android platform take a leap forward and gain some big applications, making it a much more exciting proposition, Developers, over to you.

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i-mate introduces 810-F Windows Mobile rugged phone

image                                      Press Release: 11th February 2009 – i-mate™, the global specialist in Microsoft Windows Mobile® devices and software, today launched the i-mate 810-F, the world’s first complete lifestyle mobile with a lifetime warranty¹.  Designed to meet military specifications, the 810-F combines high-end mobile technology and incredible durability in a single sleek package.
Whether you work in the great outdoors or in an office, on the road or on a building site, or you just simply want a tough take-anywhere mobile, the 810-F offers everything you need for work and play.  The phone comprises waterproof rubber casing and exposed metal screws to lock in the factory seal, making it impervious to almost anything.  A full QWERTY keyboard, and impact resistant touch screen, means you don’t miss a thing while you are out and about.

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GIGA-BYTE to launch range of new devices in 2009

Mobile World Congress may well be a week away but already manufacturers are sending out press releases and teasers for new products. GIGA-BYTE is one of the companies to start sending out information about their new GSmart products which will be among the first to include the new version of Windows Mobile – WM6.5.


Mobile World Congress is the biggest annual event of mobile industry; it is also the stage for mobile suppliers to showcase their hard works of the year. Every year, GIGA-BYTE Communications (GBC) will attend the tradeshow and introduce something special to the public, such as the world’s first DVB-T PDA phone – t600, and the world’s first 3.5G DVB-T GPS PDA phone – MS808 that introduced by GBC last year. This year, GBC is also well prepared and will introduce several devices under three major categories: Multimedia, Business and Style.

Multimedia – Entertainment and Quality Life

As the high quality camera PDA phone becomes the trend of the market, GBC will introduce two models under the multimedia series that fulfill the market demand, one will be the MS820 which showcased briefly last year, but has more complete view this year; there will also be another new model with higher specifications. Furthermore, continuing the specialty of GBC, multimedia PDA phone with DVB-T and/or DVB-H will still be one of the focuses at GBC booth this year.

Business – Efficiency and Security

On the other hand, GBC will introduce something very different to what they have before, which will be introduced under the Business categories, and are having more functions to ensure the business operation runs smoother and more secure.

Style – Stylish Design and Great Performance

Finally, the device shown on GBC’s MWC invitation card – GSmart S1200 is under the category of Style. S1200 has chic and stylish design with simple round arc shape; supreme slim feature of approximately 1.1cm height. In addition, the device is wrapped by special coated texture to avoid finger prints on the handset. Despite the good design, the device is consisting quality specification. Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 OS (or update to Windows Mobile 6.5); Qualcomm 7200A (528MHz) processor which empowers S1200 with fast and excellent performance and many useful software such as photo view, multimedia center and etc. “Windows phones let customers access the people and information they care about, wherever they are,” said Todd Peters, corporate vice president, Mobile Communications Business, Microsoft Corp. “The new GIGA-BYTE GSmart S1200 and MS820 will help people work more efficiently, surf the Web, and enjoy their favourite movies and music, delivering a truly connected experience.”

Moreover, S1200 will be introduced with new user interface that developed solely by GBC – Smart Zone, which endowed S1200 with fashionable appearance, easy utilization and great performance.

Smart Zone interface: the secret weapon of GBC GSmart phone

Smart Zone user interface is the integrated version of Smart Touch user interface. This new user interface is developed under the concept of ‘Core’- that is, imagine the user is the core of the phone; the efficiency is that all programs are able to be reached within one or two easy steps. Integrating from this concept, Smart Zone is said to be the wisest and most efficient user interface on the present market.

“Since established, GBC has always commits to be ‘the World-Class Brand’, and insists that the perfect quality is the most important base of a sustainable branding.” said Dr. Stanley Jenq, the CEO of GBC. “GSmart is willing to become a code word which combines wisdom, international, vitality and elite. We provide the best products to satisfied consumers’ demands in order to handle business life more efficiency with several of mobile entertainment at anytime, everywhere. High speed network connectivity and endless creativity enable GBC to produce the best and most suitable products that offer users to connect the world without any hassle and delay.” continued by Dr. Jenq.

GBC is always committing to be an active participant in the industry to push the technology integration and fulfills the demands of the market.

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Fennec milestone release for the HTC Touch Pro

image                   Mozilla have released what they call a Milestone version of the Fennec browser which is being touted as a serious contender to the Safari Mobile browser. Just as the leaked release that we saw a few weeks back, this is only for the HTC Touch Pro and again we are hearing reports of it being fairly unstable / unusable. More info and a download link after the break

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O2 Announce Laptop Range

There have been quite a few rumours floating around about this but I’ve just heard from O2 and had it confirmed that as of the 27th February you’ll be able to get laptops from O2!

Official confirmation as well as tariff details and specifications can be found in the information below.

On 27 February we’re launching a range of three Samsung laptops when customers take out mobile broadband. Customers taking out a laptop will get after sale service and a two year warranty included.

The packages combine a stylish Samsung laptop with O2 Mobile Broadband and O2 Home Broadband to make one solution to all our customers’ connection needs.

We’ve built our offer around the five issues we think matter to customers the most, and we’ve called them the 5 S’s. They are style, substance, staying power, service and security. Here’s what we’re doing for each:

  • Style – Samsung’s laptops combine great design with stylish looks
  • Substance – With strong specifications and great performance, they deliver on functionality
  • Staying Power – The solid laptop specifications assure customers that their choice of device will meet their computing needs for years to come, not just months
  • Service – We’re offering customers expert sales advice to meet their needs. This includes O2 Laptop Support, O2 Assistant software to allow computers to be fixed remotely and award-winning UK based customer service. We’re also offering a 30-day Happiness Guarantee on all laptops and a two-year warranty included.
  • Security – McAfee software to help you feel secure online.

There are two separate packages on offer – here’s what customers can get from Friday 27 February.

Price List

And here are the laptops – the Samsung NC10 and the Samsung R510.


We’re releasing the Samsung NC10 as our O2 Mini Laptop, while the Samsung R510 will be released in two versions – the O2 Performance Laptop and O2 Multi-Media Laptop. Here are each machine’s specifications:

Laptop Spec


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