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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 global launch party video

As you probably know, last night I attended the Global Launch Event for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. This gave us an excellent chance to get some more hands-on time with the X1 and to speak again with Magnus Andersson and the rest of the Sony Ericsson team.

I have to say, the more I see and use the Xperia X1 the more excited I get about it. Looking at the device on paper really doesn’t do it justice and I am now really looking forward to getting my hands on a review unit soon. I’ll be talking about this more later.

So for now I thought I would leave you with this video of Magnus talking about the design of the Xperia X1. I hope you can hear what he was saying clearly enough, it was a busy, crowded event and poor sound levels.


Magnus Andersson talks about the Xperia X1 (not doing Karaoke!)


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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Launch pictures

image Coolsmartphone managed to attend the Xperia X1 launch last night in London and got a boat load of pictures of the device on their Flickr page here. Their early thoughts on the handset is that it perhaps didn’t perform as quickly as it could, although it could be an early ROM build (err its launched on the 30th). Screen-switching speed wasn’t too bad, although it is dependent on what you’re doing at the time – watching a video and sliding the keyboard out took a little longer. The music and video apps performed well and received praise. A few of the pictures after the break.

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HTC Touch HD, Viva & 3G Prices Released

Good morning all, we have finally managed to get our hands on pricing for the three brand new handsets in the HTC range.

All three handsets are priced as "Handset Only" which means no contract, unlocked and no icky network operator apps loaded loaded in the ROM.

OK so without further delay here they are:



HTC Touch HD



HTC Touch Viva



HTC Touch 3G




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Weekend special offers

Following on from the success of the Friday deal that we posted last week our friends at Devicewire have come up with a special offer for you that lasts all weekend!

For this weekend only (9am Friday – 8am Monday) will be running a special promotion on the HTC Touch Diamond. Simply purchase the HTC Touch Diamond and you will received the official HTC car kit worth over £30!!

All you need to do is add the HTC Touch Diamond to the basket and the car kit will be sent out automatically free of charge!

Secondly, now that Devicewire have become an HTC Authorised Ultimate Partner they’ve just slashed the price of the excellent HTC Shift from £870 to just £759.99. Now that IS a bargain!

Finally, while it’s not a special offer as such, Devicewire also have the CoPilot Live HTC Touch Diamond edition in stock at just £57.99!

CoPilot Live is the award-winning full-featured GPS navigation software that is compatible with the HTC Touch Diamond.

With Turn-by-turn voice guided instructions, CoPilot Live is the perfect GPS Partner for your HTC Touch Pro.

CoPilot Live is supplied on DVD which automatically transfers and installs maps and software to the HTC Touch Diamond’s 4GB internal memory via a USB cable and automatically detects the phone’s built-in GPS receiver.


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Vodafone to Offer Dell’s Mini 9 with Built-In Mobile Broadband

image Vodafone UK will be the first European network operator to offer Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 ultra-mobile device with built-in mobile broadband connectivity through its stores.  Available from mid October, the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 will be sold at, Vodafone retail stores and through corporate account managers. Interested customers can pre-register at

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 global media launch

This evening we’re off to another Sony Ericsson event in London. This time we’re attending the ‘Global Media Launch’ of the Xperia X1 being held at Tent London.

I’m not sure what the format of the event will be but I’ll definitely be reporting back to you with any news that I can get my hands on. Hopefully there will be a few video ops. too!

If there is anything specific you would like me to find out about the Xperia X1 or anything else to do with Sony Ericsson, drop me a line and I’ll try and get some answers!

EDIT: Just on my way back from the event now. It was a good evening and we had some excellent oportunities to talk to Magnus Andersson as well as a number of other people from SE. I’ll have a post with some news and video for you tomorrow.


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Mobility Today Podcast 125

image The latest episode of the Mobility Today podcast is available to download. This week I took the time out to catch up on some much needed sleep but Dave Steve and Mike discuss the latest HTC devices, Google Android, iPhone 2.1 highs and lows and many other topics. You can download the show directly here, subscribe through iTunes or RSS. Show notes after the break.

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HTC Touch HD video look

image Just had a tip off from Superetrader of a video that has just hit Youtube of the HTC Touch HD. The video is all in French unfortunately. The Touch HD is impressive, its screen quality is amazing. Enjoy the 12 minutes of video after the break. The software on the device is not finished yet.

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Google Android hits the US at $199

The first “GooglePhone” will hit the streets of the US for $199 next week.  It’s a T-Mobile exclusive (For now) and will require a service agreement with T-Mobile.  In simple UK speak: its on contract, not PAYG.

Despite that, it does appear the phone is going to cost a lot less than the iPhone – but that’s dependant on what sort of contract you will be pushed into.

Oh and the HTC Dream / GooglePhone has now got a proper name – maybe.  Rumours suggest ‘T-Mobile G1’ is the rather unoriginal name.

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Windows Mobile 6.1 SMTP issues

Do you have a Windows Mobile 6.1 powered device and use either POP3 or IMAP4 with SMTP? Have you encountered problems sending email or seen the error message below?


If the answer to either of the questions above is yes then read on as what you are seeing is actually a bug that affects all WM 6.1 powered handsets!


I first discovered this problem a few months ago while using my HTC TyTN II. I have access to two Exchange servers but, as you’ll probably know, you can only set up one Exchange activesync partnership per device. So for the other account I have to use IMAP4 and send over SMTP.

I’ve been using the setup for about 18 months and it works perfectly well for me, well until HTC released the WM 6.1 update for the TyTN II it did.

I installed the 6.1 update on the TyTN II and set up my Exchange and IMAP4 accounts. Was able to receive email with both accounts, no problem. All was well until I tried to send an email from my IMAP4 account (through SMTP). Upon trying to send mail I simply got presented with the error message above. I checked the account settings, they were all correct, but still unable to send mail.

I then restored the original WM 6.0 ROM to the TyTN II and the problem went away! This lead me to think that there was a problem with HTC’s implementation of the 6.1 ROM. However later test revealed this to not be the case.

I set up my IMAP4 email on my new HTC Touch Diamond and was able to send one email, but subsequent emails then failed with the same error message. Deleting and recreating the account allowed me to send one or two more emails before it then failed again. One sending failed the account never works again!

So I contacted one of our friends at Microsoft to try and work through the problem.

Having worked with the guys at Microsoft for the past 6 weeks or so (including the top Outlook Mobile chap in the US) and having sent them my TyTN II to test we have discovered the following bug affecting ALL Windows Mobile 6.1 devices.

You can see more in the email excerpt from Microsoft below:

We are done with it and just checked in a bug fix last week to address what turned out to be a severe product bug that will affect all WM 6.1.x devices until they receive a fix or upgrade to WM 6.1.4. Your help both made us aware of the issue before it bubbled up through the forums and your device actually did help us debug the issue.
We are driving the issue with our response team and pushing to make a fix more broadly available independent of a device update.
More details on this bug:
At some point sending e-mail stops working for a given e-mail account.
This will happen if the there is *any* failure to connect to the SMTP server – ever. After that point the user cannot send mail with that account again.
The user must delete their e-mail account and recreate it each time this happens.
There is no way to prevent this from reoccurring.

So as you can see, the problem is pretty severe and affects all devices with WM 6.1. The work around, if you can call it that, is to delete the affected account and recreate it.

I also suspect that this bug is related to the problem that many people report with GMail on their mobile and the reason why you must delete and recreate an email account if any of the account credentials change.

Microsoft are working on the problem at the moment and are hoping to make an independent update available. Let’s hope that it will be available in that format rather than part of a full ROM update as I suspect that it will take time to filter through the manufacturers and the operator supply channels.

If you are affected by this issue then do drop me a line and I’ll endeavour to keep you updated with the progress of the fix.

EDIT: Please see this post for a potential fix to the problem!


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