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Sony Ericsson launches PlayNow plus

Earlier this week Steve was invited to Lund, Sweden by Sony Ericsson where he was introduced to a number of new SE products and services. Steve will be sharing some of this news with us all over the next few days and we’ll also have some exclusive video footage for you including a fantastic presentation and demonstration of the Xperia X1.

For now we have the SE PlayNow plus press release for you:


Sony Ericsson today announced the launch of PlayNow™ plus, which will offer users the ultimate mobile music experience with the freedom to discover, download, play and recommend unlimited amounts of music wherever they are and whenever they like, directly over the mobile data network.
PlayNow™ plus is due to set a new standard for the unlimited music experience on a mobile with unrivalled download speeds, high-quality audio and access to the largest music catalogue of any unlimited download service. Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow™ plus music service guarantees ‘all-you-can-eat’ unlimited access to millions of music tracks.

PlayNow™ plus is very easy to use, with millions of songs available on your PC or phone at the click of a button.  No need for cables, PlayNow™ plus offers simplicity and a great out of box experience with 1000 of the best selling songs already in the phone.

Instant satisfaction:

  • Turn on the PlayNow™ plus phone and start to browse, download, and play unlimited amounts of music—anytime, anywhere
  • PlayNow™ plus brings you 1000 of the recent most popular songs, both locally and globally, already preloaded and access to millions more.
  • Using the latest high speed mobile networks you can now enjoy super fast downloads. Music is downloaded to your phone in seconds.
  • Enjoy music on the move and at home:
  • As well as being able to browse millions of tracks on your phone, a complimentary PC player is available allowing you to download and play as much music as you like on your PC.

Ease of Use:

  • There is no more need for slow and cumbersome cables to get music from your PC onto your phone.  Send your favourite playlist from home to phone in a matter of seconds.

Keep your favourite music forever: 

  • Keep your most-played music tracks at the end of your contract to play whenever you like on whatever MP3 compatible player you have.

Share the experience:

  • Create your own profile, recommend your music to your PlayNow™ plus friends, and catch up on the latest music news with direct links to artists and their songs.
  • To add to the discovery and community aspects of PlayNow plus, TrackID™ charts, generated by
  • consumers around the world, are also included.

“All mobile consumers want to have content on their phone, but many find the experience difficult, slow and time consuming,” said Lennard Hoornik, Corporate Vice President and Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson.  “With PlayNow™ plus, there will be no more barriers, we’re giving consumers the freedom to instantly discover, download, play and recommend all the music they want—anytime, anywhere.”

The service is due to launch commercially with operator Telenor in Sweden in the fourth quarter of this year, with further roll-outs around the world beginning in 2009. A special edition of the Sony Ericsson W902 Walkman™ phone including the PlayNow™ plus service will be the first phone to be launched.  Sony Ericsson will include, as part of the service, 1000 of the recent most popular digital songs, with each Sony Ericsson W902 Walkman™ with PlayNow™ plus for Telenor in Sweden. Pre-loaded music offers are also planned for subsequent PlayNow™ plus-enabled phones.


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Xperia panel interface was originally rejected by Microsoft

image With Sony Ericsson’s inaugural Windows Mobile device set to be launched in the coming days, the handset maker has revealed that it had to convince Microsoft to embrace plans to make the Windows interface more user-friendly. To take the device beyond Windows’ traditional business roots, Sony Ericsson has added a user-friendly front end to the OS in the form of nine customizable panel icons. The panels enable users to run applications straight off the desktop, rather than digging through the Windows menu structure to find them.

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Forget titanium, lets have wooden mobiles

There is a man in Russia who builds new cases for mobile phones from apple tree
wood. He fully disassembles new handsets and carves an individual wooden case for each device, giving them unique little touches.


Each small part gets its own wooden case – the antenna, the sim-card, the battery. The SIM card is given a tiny wooden box of its own. The antenna is also inserted into a wooden sleeve.

It makes a change from all that steel, chrome and titanium – although as time wore on and it got dropped, bashed and generally abused through everyday use, there might be a danger of splinters…


In a world where the choice of mobile is bewildering and the land-fill needed to cope gets ever larger, it turns out wooden phones are nothing new. Hulger launched a wooden phone made out of African Ziricote hardwood which, to be fair, is virtually indestructible. It would be immune to the usual handset accidents that happen from time to time.

While mine is more likely to include being dropped on to a concrete surface from pocket height, the Hulger phone is resistant to fire (within reason), a 15-metre drop or having two tons of rock on top of the device (how do they know?).


The Hulger Wooden phone (right) is, like its Russian counterpart, intended to appeal for its looks rather than its ruggedness. Oh, it costs £3,885. Sitting on the same high-price shelf the Mobiado range in ebony (with ultra-light titanium buttons and the like) – a snip at around £1,500.

Wood can be waxed, polished and gives us a unique tactile experience: tough, smooth and, above all, natural. Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG – let’s have more!


Written by: Nicola Pringle for Mobiles Please.

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Windows Mobile 7 Delay, after the dust has settled

image We have spoken on the last podcast about the disappointment that we felt when we heard the news that Windows Mobile 7 would be delayed until the second half of next year and now after giving it some thought over the last few days maybe it is not such a bad thing that they are delaying it, as long as it is for the right reasons. The way I see it is there could be two reasons for the delay and let us consider what each of these reasons could be.

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Another Touch HD video

image Another video hands on of the HTC Touch HD, this time it reveals that the camera has point focus, this basically means you can touch the screen when in camera mode and the focus of the camera will be aimed at that part of the view finder, it is a nice feature to have and matched with the 5 MPX lens it should make for a good experience. Another point they make is the sensitivity of the screen, they say it is very sensitive which is good to hear. Video after the break with some good comparisons with the iPhone 3G.

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