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HTC go HD with the HTC Touch HD

Our friends at MoDaCo have breaking news of another new device from HTC, this time in the form of the HTC Touch HD which looks like an iPhone killer if ever I saw one!


As you would expect, very little known about this new device at the moment but early specs suggest the folowing:

HTC Touch HD Specification:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
  • Qualcomm 7201A processor @ 528MHz
  • 512MB ROM / 256MB RAM (+32MB on processor)
  • WVGA (480×800)!!!
  • 115mm x 62.8mm x 12mm
  • GPS / HSDPA etc. etc.
  • 5 Megapixel camera (no flash)
  • No Dpad or scroll wheel, does have a stylus
  • microSD slot
  • 1350mAH battery
  • 3.5mm headset jack on the top

There are plenty more photos and information about the Touch HD on so check it out. What an amazing looking device!

If you know more then please drop us a line!


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Modaco outs the HTC Touch HD

image Modaco have spotted what looks to be a very high end HTC device that we haven’t seen before. Looking at the pictures, this device looks very thin and has a fantastic 800 x 480 touch screen. An accidental leak (ahem) right when the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is just about to launch too. There is no keyboard or D-Pad so this device must be geared towards an all out touch experience although it does have a stylus, it looks a bit more like what we were expecting a Touch revamp to be so maybe the Opal was just a smoke screen. Pictures and specs after the break.

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast No 3

image Our latest Mobile Tech Addicts podcast is now available to download, in episode 3 we discuss the HTC Opal, The Asus P552W and the latest iPhone firmware update. You can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or a download the mp3 file here. Full show notes after the break.

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Xperia X1 available 30th September

image Sony Ericsson today announces 30 September 2008 as the official launch date for the highly anticipated Xperia™ X1 – initially available to consumers in the UK, Germany and Sweden. The handset will be available in other markets across Europe, Asia and Latin America throughout Q4 2008.

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Sony Ericsson to unveil X1 Xperia next week

image Interested in the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, well on the 15th September you can join a live in depth video demonstration and questions session online at 1pm GMT+1. This device looks exciting with what we have seen so far but the poof will be when we see it for real so this one should be interesting you can visit the site here. Full details after the break.

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Nokia brings Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to S60

image Nokia today announced that it is expanding its device range which enables Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to all Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices. 43 Nokia devices will now feature the Mail for Exchange mobile email application, making Nokia’s device range the largest ever to enable the solution chosen by more businesses than any other messaging solution. Nokia also announced today that Mail for Exchange will be available out-of-the-box in future releases of Nokia Eseries and Nokia Nseries devices.

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Sony Ericsson launch dedicated Xperia blog site

Today Sony Ericsson is launching a dedicated blog site for the up coming Xperia X1. The site will go live later this morning and will offer news and announcements regarding the Xperia. Head over to later on to see what they have in store!



Hi, welcome to the Xperia blogger’s centre. We’ve created it so that Sony Ericsson can start to understand and engage in all of the conversations that are already happening about the Xperia.

It’s fair to say that up until now, apart from with the developer community, we’ve not done a great job of listening to and talking with the wider blogging community. This is our first step in changing all that. We’ve been inspired by some of the great initiatives by other companies, but this is very much our own idea and we hope we’ve learnt from what others have done.

Like everyone else, we are hoping to get our hands on the X1 soon and will have a review online just as soon as possible!


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