By September 10, 2008

Sony Ericsson launch dedicated Xperia blog site

Today Sony Ericsson is launching a dedicated blog site for the up coming Xperia X1. The site will go live later this morning and will offer news and announcements regarding the Xperia. Head over to later on to see what they have in store!



Hi, welcome to the Xperia blogger’s centre. We’ve created it so that Sony Ericsson can start to understand and engage in all of the conversations that are already happening about the Xperia.

It’s fair to say that up until now, apart from with the developer community, we’ve not done a great job of listening to and talking with the wider blogging community. This is our first step in changing all that. We’ve been inspired by some of the great initiatives by other companies, but this is very much our own idea and we hope we’ve learnt from what others have done.

Like everyone else, we are hoping to get our hands on the X1 soon and will have a review online just as soon as possible!


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