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The next Xbox event May 21st

xbox event

As the title suggests the new Xbox will (hopefully) finally be announced on May 21st at 6pm UK time and you will be able to watch it live on your Xbox 360 console as it is going to be streamed live, you could also watch the stream on the website if you don’t currently own an Xbox 360.

With Sony getting a slight head start on Microsoft you would imagine that the announcement will come as no surprise to media and the millions of Xbox 360 fans across the globe, me included! So let’s hope that Microsoft don’t disappoint us and they give us gamers something worth waiting for! Plus let’s also hope that at this event we actually see the console itself.I’m looking at you Sony!

Check back on the site on the announcement days for further news.



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Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain announced

metal gear 5Metal Gear Solid is one of the best and longest standing gaming series and has a huge fan base to boot, so you would imagine that the announcement from GDC 2013 has got the community all excited.

As you will see In the title there are Im fact two separate titles for what initially seemed to be one game, but Konami have moved to quash the rumour mill by announcing that there are two separate games that make up to Metal Gear Solid 5, named Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain – this is definitely an interesting decision from Kojima productions but i imagine they will pull it off with very few hitches as Kojima himself is a perfectionist.

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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Collector’s Editions announced

AC4 Black ChestHopefully most of you reading this post will have also read my previous post about Assassin’s Creed Black Flag a couple of weeks ago? If not well shame on you, but I will forgive you because this post is even more awesome than the last!

Firstly Ubisoft have finally announced the editions of their much awaited game for the UK, Ireland and North America (Americaland) and here they are in all of their glory:


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PS Plus April update/with an exclusive offer thrown in

PS-Plus-1024x576You will have hopefully seen my post last week about the March update for the PlayStation network on the whole? Well this is the latest PlayStation plus update for April, and I am almost certain that you guys will love what’s going to be available next month!

There is one amazing thing that I would like to add into this post as it is completely relevant, if you purchase or have purchased a PS plus subscription of 12 months between 20th March and 10th April then you will receive an exclusive 3 extra months absolutely free of charge! So that is a 90 day subscription usually £11.99 for free! This all on top of what is already a brilliant service offering gamers free games every month on both PS3 and PS Vita, I’ve recently bought my year subscription and am already hammering my way through Mass effect 3 which is free in March, just fantastic!

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HTC 8S Review

HTC 8S Review The smartphone marketplace is crowded to say the least, but when Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8 it brought about something different than the rivals already had (iOS, android and blackberry) and although Microsoft partnered with Nokia to create smartphones and exclusive applications for Nokia phones, they decided in their wisdom to make HTC their official brand/launch partner.

And I have one of the devices in question for review, the Windows Phone HTC 8S which is the lower end device that HTC launched alongside its windows phone flagship the 8X.

Want to find out more about this little device and whether it can compete successfully in the marketplace? Well then please do read on, but first please take a look at the HTC 8S unboxing video from Matt.

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Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall DLC

imageXbox 360 and PC gamers Mark April 16th in your diaries as this is the day of the second piece of three DLC packs for the Bafta award winner Dishonored will be released, sorry PS3 owners you will have to wait a whole extra day to get your hands on this digital download, but it sounds like it will be worth that little wait.

With a pocket friendly price tag of £7.99 and 800 Microsoft points respectively, this could be worth having a go at because the main campaign was absolutely fantastic and in this piece of DLC you get to play one of the bad guys..we all like to be bad now and then right?

Gamers will play this story driven DLC pack as Daud the Assassin who murdered the empress at the beginning of the original story, you will discover the mystery of Delilah and you will also receive brand new weapons, powers and gadgets which drive the gameplay and helps with the players choices within the game.
Players will also be able to explore new locations/areas such as the Rothwild Slaughterhouse, you will also receive abilities such as the ‘Summon Assassin Power’ which allows you to summon whalers, one of the coolest additions are unique upgrades to all of the current powers.


Exiting stuff!


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PlayStation Store update

logo-playstation-plusToday marks the next content and offers update for both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita stores, this list adds to the already quite frankly amazing list of available content on the PlayStation stores.

Earlier this month Sony released their PlayStation plus instant games for the month of March, this list included Mass Effect 3 of all things! for all PlayStation plus playstation.store_.logo_-600x300subscribers this game is absolutely free for One Month from March 6th! The other additions to the PS Plus instant collection are Joe Danger 2:the Movie and Dead or Alive 5 and these are again in addition to a further 8 free titles! Incredible value, as well as these games for PS3 there are some instant games for the PS Vita that you can already download: Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and Lumines: Electronic Symphony, with a special addition which you will see below too.


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How to make a successful mobile phone insurance claim

mobile phone insurance This week the Financial Ombudsman has suggested that there has been a record number of complaints being processed about mobile phone insurance based on failed claims, so with this in mind we did some digging and have managed to find a quote from the Director of Jason Brockman about why he thinks there have been so many complaints and how he and his company believe to be the right way to make a mobile phone insurance claim.

We hope that the following statement and follow up information on the website at the bottom help you guys to gain more knowledge about mobile phone insurance so that it gives you peace of mind as much as anything.

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UK Mobile Network Price Increases

EEThe year 2013 has started off a little rocky for customers of O2 as ‘due to inflation’ they had to increase their price plans by 3.2% which meant that as an example, my contract that i took out was £21.50 but i now have to pay £22.19 which isn’t too bad at all considering but when you think of those people who opted for the £30+ tariffs, they will be hit quite hard by these increases.

The reason i am bringing this up now is due to the fact that in the last couple of days Orange and T-Mobile customers will have to suffer the same fate as those of us on O2 but their increases are 3.3% so slightly more annoying! The price increases will begin from April 10th for Orange customers and the 9th of may for T-Mobile customers, and I’m sorry to say that this could mean around £20 extra per year for those people on the higher tariffs.

So i ask you guys do you think it is right that mobile networks are ‘allowed’ in some cases to increase your tariffs if they feel it necessary? Here’s what a spokesperson for EE has to say on the increases:


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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is Official- Details and Screenshots

Assassins creed 4-7It has finally been announced! After the successes of Assassin’s Creed 3 Ubisoft announced last week that they would announce their new game with a trailer today Monday 4th of March, and they have done so much more than simply announcing the game they have brought us information about their new character, the settings and even how many development teams have been working on the game.its a huge 8 studios by the way! and they have been hard at work since 2011 so this game should be flipping good, and if Assassins creed 3 is anything to go by then gamers should be in for an incredible game.

In Assassins Creed 4 black flag you will play as Edward Kenway, Father of Haytham Kenway and grandfather to Connor Kenway the main character in Assassins Creed 3, now Edward is what you would call a ‘Loveable rogue’ he is a Pirate first and foremost but he is a Pirate who has evidently been trained by Assassins, but he is still a pirate at heart and such he is a womaniser also and he is also (oddly i might add) friendly with Blackbeard who in turn is scared stiff of Edward.  Edward carries 4 pistols, hidden blades and who can forget the two swords he carries too! So this Pirassassin (like what i did there?) is someone you don’t want to mess with.

The game is going to focus on around a 60/40 split between land gameplay and naval gameplay which will come as great news to those gamers (including myself) who absolutely loved the naval gameplay in Assassins Creed 3, but from what i can muster this naval gameplay will be much harder and there will be much more of it in the game which can only be a good thing, considering that the main character is a pirate after all!