By March 9, 2013

How to make a successful mobile phone insurance claim

mobile phone insurance This week the Financial Ombudsman has suggested that there has been a record number of complaints being processed about mobile phone insurance based on failed claims, so with this in mind we did some digging and have managed to find a quote from the Director of Jason Brockman about why he thinks there have been so many complaints and how he and his company believe to be the right way to make a mobile phone insurance claim.

We hope that the following statement and follow up information on the website at the bottom help you guys to gain more knowledge about mobile phone insurance so that it gives you peace of mind as much as anything.

Jason Brockman said the following:

“Unfortunately, many consumers opt for the first mobile phone insurance policy that they come across, either at the time of buying their handset or when their bank sells to them. These policies are in no way the best for the consumer, as they can be expensive and often don’t cover everything the customer would need.

“As far the number of complaints rising, I think that may – in part – be down to the number of customers who fail to read their policy documents or small print before committing to a policy, or those who try to claim for something they know won’t be covered. Many assume that absolutely all scenarios will be covered where their mobile phone being lost, stolen, or broken is concerned, but that’s just not always the case. Checking the facts is key.

“Most mobile phone insurance complaints relate to unsuccessful claims and this can happen for a number of reasons. Customers being dishonest about how their phone was broken, or lying about losing their mobile or having it stolen, can end up with an unsuccessful claim on their hands. Often, people don’t report a lost or stolen phone to the authorities or their insurers right away and this can mean their claim is unsuccessful. Some attempt to take out a policy after something has happened to their phone, in the hope they can get away with pretending it happened after the policy was taken out. This just won’t wash with insurers.”

Top tips for successful mobile phone insurance claims, to minimise the risk of having to complain later, can be found here

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