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Tweet to enter with the Vodafone 12 Days of Smiles giveaway


Vodafone UK is giving Twitter users the chance to win a host of fantastic devices in the countdown to Christmas. Vodafone will be putting one of the latest smartphones or tablets up for grabs every day between the 10th and 22nd December, to put an extra big smile on the lucky winners’ faces this Christmas.   

To enter, simply Tweet to tell us what’s made you happy in the build up to Christmas using the hashtag #mademesmile.  For example:

“I just ordered my Christmas turkey! #mademesmile”

Feel free to use regular Tweets, include pictures, add links to a website that just put a smile on your face, or even tweet your check-ins on Foursquare, Gowalla etc if you’ve visited somewhere that’s put a smile on your face -  Just be sure to use #mademesmile.

The prize draw will start at 9am each morning, when the prize for that day is revealed on the site at The festive fun kicks off today with an HTC Desire up for grabs. The randomly selected winning tweet will also be displayed here at 5pm each day – so don’t forget to check back to see if you’ve won!


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Huawei S7 Android Tablet unboxing video

s7 A little over a week ago we started reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and so far we have been quite impressed with it. However, there are an awful lot of Android powered tablets hitting the market at the moment, from those costing under £100 to the like of the Galaxy at around £500.

We’ve looked at some of the cheaper tablets in the past and despite the bargain price tag we still didn’t think they represented value for money. So this week we’re going to take a look at something that’s more mid-range; the Huawei S7 Android tablet which comes in at just over £280. We’ll compare this to some of the other tablet devices and see how it shapes up in our review.

For now you can take a look at my unboxing video below to get a flavour.


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LG confirms Optimus One will get Gingerbread update

lg optimus one After what seemed to be some confusion, LG have officially come forward to reassure us that all LG phones that carry the Optimus One branding and are currently on 2.2 Froyo will get the 2.3 update. Arguably the more important question is when, but LG have only said that the details will be announced in ‘due course’. This makes the Optimus One one of the first phones that are confirmed to be served up Google’s new pudding (apart from the Nexus One and Nexus S of course). Then again, it may have to go through carrier certification and testing on branded phones even after LG have give the go ahead, adding more delay. Click through to see the full statement.


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Motorola Defy Review

Motorola Defy ReviewThe Defy is another Blurred Android phone from Motorola, but this one is different. Designed to be tough as nails, the Defy conforms to IP67 standards – in other words, it’s waterproof (submersion up to one metre) and dustproof (no dust-under-the-screen issues here).

The tough phone market is perhaps one that hasn’t been addressed when it comes to cutting edge smartphones – after all, we all know someone (if not yourself) that has accidentally broken a phone, so maybe the route Motorola is taking here with the Defy is one worth exploiting.

This is one of the few heavy-duty phones out there that is aimed at the general consumer, and that robustness is also the feature that really sets it apart from an already crowded market of Android phones. But is it enough to make it a worthwhile purchase? Read the full review to find out.


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BlackBerry PlayBook video demo

playbook_navigator have been lucky enough to get together with RIM and film a demo video of the BlackBerry Playbook. We have seen the PlayBook on video several times now but as you will see this is probably the best video yet. What is even more interesting is that it turns out that the whole bezel around the PlayBook is touch sensitive and can be used within apps.

Enough talking. You much check out the video after the break.

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WP7 with copy/paste in new dev update


One of the shortcomings of Windows Phone 7 is apparently drawing nearer – a recent update that’s been showing up on developer Windows phones includes copy and paste as a headline feature. Microsoft has always promised that it was coming but now we are getting closer to that semi-confirmed “early 2011” timeframe.

It seems to work as you’d expect it to, with a similar method to Android and iOS (how different can it be?) See a short video of it after the break.


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Orange PAYG sale now on!

Screen shot 2010-12-08 at 11.00.15

If you are thinking of buying a phone for somebody for Christmas then today might be a good day to do it. Orange have a 48 hour sale on and all pay as you go phones are reduced by 15%.

That means you can get a silver BlackBerry Curve 8520 for £109.65 + £20 top up! Or the Orange San Francisco for just from £84.00 + £10 top up!

Click here to visit the page. Thanks Orange.


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BlackBerry App World now accepting apps for the BlackBerry Playbook

PlayBook 2

Developers can now submit apps and become eligible for a free BlackBerry PlayBook!

In addition, RIM outlined how developers can become eligible to get a free BlackBerry PlayBook if their app is submitted and approved for distribution on BlackBerry App World prior to the launch of BlackBerry PlayBook in North America*.

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O2 launches hunt for the world’s favourite Angry Bird


O2 today launches the biggest bird search since Tweety and Sylvester to discover just which Angry Bird is closest to the country’s heart.

The vote, being run via text, Twitter, Facebook and the O2 Blog, will determine one of the biggest questions of our time: does the yellow bird’s turbo boost outweigh the blue bird’s ability to split, or are the pigs in the right after all?
Voters can choose between the red, yellow, green, blue, black and white birds as well as the pigs. To have their say, voters can use any of the following voting methods:

  • Twitter: to tweet their choice, voters should write a tweet with their vote and include the hashtag #angrybirdso2. Tweets without this hashtag will not be counted
  • Facebook: Facebookers can vote by visiting and hitting Like on the picture of their bird
  • O2 Blog: to vote on the O2 Blog, voters need to visit the O2 Blog and add a comment with their favourite bird
  • Text: To vote by text, send a message to 60600 with the word ANGRY followed by RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, BLACK, WHITE or PIG. Votes cast by text will cost the standard network rate and can only be sent in the UK.

There are also Twibbons available for voters to show their support – to download them, head to the O2 Blog.

The search, being run to coincide with O2 selling Red Bird, Yellow Bird and Green Pig Gear4 Angry Birds cases for iPhone 4 in store and at, finishes at lunchtime on Friday 10 December. The results will then be announced in time for worldwide Angry Birds Day on Saturday 11 December with one lucky voter for red bird, yellow bird and pig each winning a case featuring the character they voted for.


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BlackBerry PlayBook demoed in more detail

BlackBerry-PlayBook With nearly every gadget manufacturer wanting to out a tablet of their own, RIM and their PlayBook is one that seems to be grabbing the headlines, and rightly so. At a Rogers demo, David Neale showed off a demo of a PlayBook with a newer OS build, which was capable of showing the operating system’s multitasking system, though on only one of the two cores of its processor. The interface is very webOS-like with swiping gestures used to manage running apps. Another tasty treat was a full HD 1080p video clip playing very smoothly – it seems like one of the most promising tablets for the future!


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