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Playbook vs iPad – Video


Research in Motion today posted a rather interesting video on their YouTube channel. A comparison of the Playbooks web browser along side the Apple iPad.

As you will see RIM are clearly rather excited about the performance of the PlayBook and I don’t blame them. It looks like the PlayBook’s browser totally out shines the iPad’s.

With the added bonus of full flash support the PlayBook has certainly got my attention now.

See the video after the break.


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Toshiba NB250 Netbook Review

NB250-open-front As the netbook era seems to be drawing to a close Toshiba manages to squeeze out one last option for your mobile computing needs. Sandwiched between the oldie but goodie, NB200 and the king of the heap, NB305, the NB250 lurks in the background like a ninja. Is it Batman, ready for action or Karate dressed in black (that’s an obscure Batfink reference by the way?)

Read on to find out more.

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Kik Messenger pulled from BlackBerry App World

kik-messenger-logo If you listened to our podcast a couple of weeks ago you may have heard me talking about Kik messenger and how great it seemed to be. For reasons unknown the app is now not currently in BlackBerry App World. Why RIM have pulled it only makes us think that they are not keen on a BBM contender.

If you are not familiar with Kik it is essentially a cross platform instant messaging app but like BBM it shows you when a contact has had a message delivered and also when has read it.

This is the official word from RIM:

"RIM became aware of a number of issues and customer concerns regarding the Kik app and service and, following discussions with Kik, the app was removed from BlackBerry App World. RIM is actively reviewing the issues and potential resolutions, and is also continuing its discussions with Kik."


Please let us have it back RIM. I love being able to use Kik to stay in touch with my iOS and Android friends.


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Sony Ericsson’s Windows Phone 7 plans


A few sites have posted a Sony Ericsson leak that says that the company plan to release the Xperia X7 and X7 mini in the new year. If these rumours were true these devices would be the first Windows Phone 7 devices that Sony Ericsson release.

I am however, rather reluctant to confirm that these two devices are indeed real. Sony Ericsson will be supporting Windows Phone 7 but I’m not sure if the X7 and X7 mini are names that we should expect too soon, if at all.

Here is the official word from Sony Ericsson regarding future devices.

Sony Ericsson has a multi-platform strategy and an open approach that gives us flexibility and consumers choice. Windows phone remains part of our multiplatform strategy, but as a general policy we do not comment on future product announcements. We currently have Symbian-based phones in our portfolio, but we have no plans to develop new phones on the Symbian operating system.


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HTC Desire Z review

DesireZ-main The HTC Desire Z is the handset that I’ve been most looking forward to reviewing since it was announced along with the HTC Desire HD just a short while ago.

I do like devices with hardware keyboards even since the first HTC Blue Angel that I had all those years ago to the HTC TyTY, TyTN II and then Touch Pro I have rarely been with out a device with a QWERTY keyboard. For a while there seems to have been a bit of a gap in devices with a decent QWERTY keyboard and Android powered handsets with QWERTY have been quite few. Sure there have been a couple from Motorola but I was personally unimpressed with quality of them.

So now we have the latest HTC Deisre Z to look at. Running Android 2.2 and with the newest implementation of HTC Sense it promises deliver an unrivalled user experience. The operating system is virtually the same as the HTC Desire HD that James reviewed a few days ago so I’ll be concentrating on the hardware in this one.

Read on for the full review.


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The iProtest – An iPad protest banner

litva_iPadWhat better way to get your point across at a strike than by nailing you beloved iPad to a 2×4 and having a protest presentation running. Those clever Russians, you can imagine the thought process. My pay sucks, there is a protest, there must be a app for that!


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Motorola Defy demo video


The Motorola Defy will not be their biggest selling device by a long way but it does offer some fantastic features that the other phones do not and therefore may be the perfect device for certain people.

What are these things you may ask. Well, it is water resistant, dust proof, shock resistant and scratch proof thanks to Gorilla glass. Maybe the right phone for someone who is either prone to dropping their phone or someone in a manual job such as construction.

Running Android 2.1 the Defy has pretty good specs although not a contender as flagship device. That said, it will do pretty much everything that the high end phones from other manufactures will do.

Check out the demo video below and see if the Defy survives the scratch and water tests!

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Pre 2 now on the Palm website

Screen shot 2010-11-13 at 11.45.04

You may have seen yesterday that we said that the Palm Pre 2 is due for release on Monday, although you can only buy it direct from Palm. Well the device is now on their website but is currently showing as being out of stock.

All you Palm fans should check back on Monday morning to see if it will allow you to make a purchase.

Here’s a bit more info on the Palm Pre 2:

The Palm Pre 2 smartphone has been reengineered to do more of what you want to do-faster. Quickly switch between multiple open apps. Simply start typing to begin an email or update your status. Tap a message notification while you’re playing a 3D game. With HP webOS 2.0, accomplishing more is effortless.

Palm Pre 2 features a sleeker design that still gives you the perfect combination of a vivid touchscreen and slide-out keyboard. And now with a completely smooth glass display, Pre 2 is as durable as it is graceful.

Pause a game, tap an email notification, check your calendar, read a restaurant review, send an email reply, then switch back to the game without closing anything.1,2 Now in webOS 2.0, your open apps are logically grouped together in card stacks, so managing multiple tasks is ridiculously easy.

Keep your contacts and calendars up to date automatically with built-in integration for Facebook®, GoogleT, LinkedIn®, Yahoo!®, and Microsoft® Exchange.4 When a contact’s information changes in one place, like an email address on LinkedIn®, for example, you’ll see it updated on your phone.


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Sony Ericsson Cedar unboxing video

SE Cedar

The Sony Ericsson Cedar is another phone from their Green Heart range, meaning they have used recycled plastics for the phone and other various recycled materials for the packaging, all very green.

The cedar is very much a feature phone and its price and specs reflect this. It does support 3G so at least browsing will be quick, although no Wi-Fi.

It would however appear to be full of handy little features such as the home screen shortcuts to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

You can see the unboxing video after the break as well as the Cedars full specs.

We will have a full review online in the near future.

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iPad update delayed?


We all know that iOS 4.2 is due anytime this month but many sites are reporting a delay due to a Wi-Fi bug with the update.

Rumours have been rife that 4.2 was due to land today and some are saying that the 16th is update day.

Yes, I cant wait for 4.2 to arrive on my iPad but Apple didn’t ever commit to a date. They just said November, so lets just all be patient.

Good things come to those who wait.


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