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Motorola Defy+ Review

Motorola Defy+ ReviewThe Motorola Defy returns with a with a + stuck on the end but that is not the only new thing about it as it now features Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the brand new version of Motoblur and a 1 GHz Ti OMAP processor yet it is still comes to IP67 standards: the benchmark of all phones that claim to be tough.

The “tough phone” market may be a small one but for those who need a phone that they can “accidentally” drop into a cup of tea, use in a sandstorm or survive when it falls out of your pocket along with having all of the expected traits of a smartphone, the Defy+ might be perfect.

So is this a worthy successor to the Defy? Are the improvements good enough to make you want upgrade? Or would you just wish it wasn’t water-resistant so you could break it? Read on to find out!


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Motorola Defy Review

Motorola Defy ReviewThe Defy is another Blurred Android phone from Motorola, but this one is different. Designed to be tough as nails, the Defy conforms to IP67 standards – in other words, it’s waterproof (submersion up to one metre) and dustproof (no dust-under-the-screen issues here).

The tough phone market is perhaps one that hasn’t been addressed when it comes to cutting edge smartphones – after all, we all know someone (if not yourself) that has accidentally broken a phone, so maybe the route Motorola is taking here with the Defy is one worth exploiting.

This is one of the few heavy-duty phones out there that is aimed at the general consumer, and that robustness is also the feature that really sets it apart from an already crowded market of Android phones. But is it enough to make it a worthwhile purchase? Read the full review to find out.


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