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HTC EVO 3D Review

evo-main_2The HTC EVO 3D is the slightly bigger, slightly uglier and slightly faster brother of the HTC Sensation but as the name would suggest, the EVO 3D has one trick up it’s sleeve: the ability to view and create 3D content. This handset is the second 3D capable phone to arrive in the United Kingdom and the first of the EVO line to come over from America under the same moniker.

It has all of the latest specs: dual-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, two 5 MP cameras, 540 x 960 qHD screen and Sense UI 3.0 but does it work like a charm? Should you choose this over the HTC Sensation? Should you delve into the three-dimensions with the EVO 3D or should you go with the Optimus 3D?

Well, you should read on to find out!


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Dolly Drive review

dolly-drive I can guess, before I even ask the question what the answer will be and it send shivers down my spine.

Do you back up your Mac?

Many years ago, I managed to lose all the data I held on my computer. Never again. Ever since this happened I have always carried out regular backups. Both on external hard drives, partitions and CD/DVD’s. Obsessed? Slightly.

I was over the moon when Apple introduced TimeMachine, a back up solution anyone could use without even knowing it. TimeMachine ran in the background and kept backups of individual files as well as the whole computer. If you lost a file, you could simply restore it. Have a HDD failure, swap it out and restore form TimeMachine. Bliss.

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T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide review

MyTouch-Main T-Mobile’s ‘myTouch’ branding may be alien to us here in the UK, but for our friends across the pond, it is a common and successful line of consumer friendly Android devices. Some eagle-eyed fandroids might even recognise the roots of the myTouch 4G Slide in the form of the HTC Magic, one of the first Android hits in the UK. While it may not have evolved here to what the Yanks have with this 4G Slide, some of us may still be interested with it being more powerful than all other landscape qwerty device currently available in the UK.

The dual core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor and impressive 8MP camera brings this in line with the top Android smartphones around, while the bonus of HTC’s design and stellar build quality (and of course the sliding keyboard) might be the deciding factor for some.

So is it worth signing two or three years of your life away for? Could it even be worth importing from the States? Read on to find out.


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Nokia X7 Review

Nokia-X7 When I was asked to review the X7 I was quite excited to see the changes that the latest update to the Symbian operating system brought to the table. My first smartphone was a Nokia and I had pretty much every new flagship device up to and including the N95. I’ve since moved on to be a confirmed iOS user with the occasional use of the systems (even WebOS!) but I have ignored Nokia’s devices since the 5800 showed how, in my opinion, not to do a touch interface.

Nokia’s X7 was launched at the same times as the new version of its Symbian mobile platform, Anna. Together with the E6, the X7 is shipping with Anna preloaded. Many Nokia and Symbian fans out there will love this smartphone as it has a fair crack at finally delivering a usable touch based interface.

Is the X7 an alternative and does Symbian Anna have what it takes to compete with Android, Windows Phone or iOS?


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ZTE Tureis Review

ZTE Tureis ReviewNot released yet to the public of the United Kingdom, the ZTE Tureis is the first phone from the Chinese manufacturer that sports a front facing QWERTY keyboard. Running Android 2.2 with a 800 MHz Qualcomm processor, a 3.2 MP camera and a 2.6″ 320 x 240 screen makes the budget handset look appealing for anyone who misses the Blackberry form factor but likes Android.

ZTE has been famed before for making great budget handsets which sell by the millions but is the Tureis a worthy addition to the company’s line of phones? Does the form factor work well enough with Android or is it dead on arrival? Well, read on to find out!


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Asus EEE Pad Transformer review

IMG_2707Of all the Android tablets out at the moment, the Asus Transformer is the most notable. So called for it’s ability to turn into something of an Android netbook with an attachable keyboard. Can it break loose from the mediocrity off Android tablets so far? Could this be the closest thing we have at the moment to an iPad alternative or is it a modestly price clunk-a-tron with an interesting peripheral?


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BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review

BlackBerry Bold 9900 ReviewResearch in Motion (RIM) have been getting some pretty heavy criticism recently and it is now time for another flagship device, the Bold 9900.  The previous Bold, the 9780, was just a rehash of the 9700 with a very few improved specs, so it is great to see that things have changed quite a lot with the 9900. Many users of the original Bold, the 9000, loved the device so much due to its size and it looks like RIM have listened to its customers as the new Bold 9900 is very similar with the added bonus of losing the track ball in favour of the track pad and some other great specs including a capacitive touch screen as well as a 1.2 GHz processor.

In North America, BlackBerry sales have been plummeting in with users opting for other platforms such as Android and iOS. That said, worldwide BlackBerry sales are far from doom and gloom. RIM shipped 13.2 million devices in the last quarter which is not bad at all.

There is no doubt that the 9900 will be a huge hit but the big question is will it bring back lost customers to the BlackBerry platform?

Read on to see the full review as well as my thoughts on whether the Bold 9900 can carry RIM through the next year or so as a flagship device.

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LG Optimus Black review

OptimusBlack-Main LG’s Optimus Black has put itself in a crowded market. This phone is boasting some high end specs, with its NOVA screen technology and slim profile but can it stand out from the crowd? We’re looking beyond the flash PR box that was sent to us and comparing it to some other top spec phones.



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Alienware M17x R3 Review

Alienware M17x R3The Alienware M17x is now in it’s third-generation and it is one of the most powerful laptops in the world: Available with SSDs, a 3D 1080p screen, quad-core Intel I7 processors, up to 16 GB of RAM and top end NVIDIA graphics cards.

The M17x is definitely a top-shelf gaming notebook on paper but is that the case in practise? Read on to find out!



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Synaps External Battery Reviews

Synaps External Battery I’ve recently been provided with two different types of external battery power for the Apple iPhone 4.

Both are made by Synaps. The first is the ‘Power case contour battery pack‘ (JP1300).

This external battery has been designed to fit the iPhone 4 and be used as a case as well as a method of charging your battery. Its available in Blue, Red and the colour I have been supplied, Black.

The packaging is clean and displays the product well. It’s typical retail accessory packaging, which can be seen as a negative as it wouldn’t stand out on a shelf of other accessories.

Once opened, you’ll find the battery pack, a micro-usb charger and a manual. It’s a real shame they decided to include a micro-usb charger instead of the official Apple dock connection as this means you need to carry an additional cable with you. The micro-usb cable does work with the USB plug supplied with the iPhone 4.

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