By September 8, 2011

App Review – Aliens Invasion for Android


After searching the Android Market for hours, I found it, Hooray! A cool looking game, and it was Free!
Then a quick download and WOW!
What a game it is.

The game I’m talking about is of course Aliens Invasion by iTreeGamer

After giving it a quick shot, over an hour has passed and I saw the magic of the game. Aliens Invasion is an arcade style game. Basically you are a Cowboy who runs around and shoots aliens in an old western-like world, overall the game is very easy to pick up and play for a very long time.


You start with a pistol and an axe and your task as you might suspect is to save the good old world.  There are a couple of various buildings located in each level where you can go and ‘hide’, while in one of the buildings you can get either some cash or ammo at which point you may continue shooting your way through the nasty bunch of E.T.’s.  Every couple of levels you encounter a boss a fight. I have only encountered one so far and I must say a giant leg with aliens coming from both sides is quite difficult to kill and requires a fair amount of concentration.


Each alien looks very similar to the other that I have encountered so far; purple and green.  The purple ones are the basic aliens you see around everywhere, the green ones come into play after a couple levels and are real fast but also easy to kill.

Across the bottom of the screen there are four buttons, on the left, two for moving left or right, and on the right, one for a melee weapon and another for a firearm weapon.  To enter a building you simply tap the door and in you are, move left or right to go out. On the top right corner of the screen you find the amount of $$$ and ammo you have, by tapping the ammo icon you switch between different weapons you have purchased.

In between the levels you enter a store where you can purchase weapons such as pistols, rifles and different melee ones like, swords or hammers but not forgetting health, lives and much more!


Overall the game runs very smoothly and I have not had a problem with it so far. The controls are responsive and the music in game is very good to the ear. It’s also appropriate for the setting of the game and makes your hearth beat a little faster. The sound effects are also nice but after a while they start to get a bit boring and might get you looking for the mute button.

So, I personally love the game and would recommend it to anyone looking for a casual experience or someone with spare time on their hands, but don’t take my word for it. Go to the Android Market now to download your very own copy of Aliens Invasion!

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