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Tech Addicts UK Podcast – 5th Apr 2017 – Hands on with the Honor 8 Pro

Slink Podcast Logo 1400 x 1400With Gareth Myles and Jay Garrett

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Show Notes

Listener Feedback:

Hi Gareth,

You might remember I contacted you a while ago about the difficulty we have purchasing power banks from the mainland here in N. Ireland, and you discussed the issue in some depth on the podcast. Just wanted to let you know I came across one product on Amazon which doesn’t have the dreaded red “No delivery for you” warning. Not sure if this is an oversight or if there is some specific reason why this one is not restricted.

Anyway, it’s a Vinsic 12,000mAh Power Bank with built-in Qi Wireless charging, which just happened to be exactly the specs I was looking for. I managed to successfully order one and have been using it for over a week. It allows charging of three devices at once (two wired and one wireless), and seems very well built. So I can recommend this for any folks in our power bank deprived province:

Thanks again for the podcast and product reviews. Keep up the good work!


Hi Guys and dolls,

Was up with apple. They reckon it is a firmware issue specifically the interface between the battery and the power management software. They did a software and firmware reset so I’m just restoring my content now and hoping for the best!

The battery is constantly feeding into to the power management software through the firmware. If the firmware isn’t working properly it causes mini crashes and is constantly resetting itself and sucking away the battery.

The guy I was speaking to was very helpful and he could see that there was a problem (it dropped 3% during the battery diagnostic test). He reckons it was the firmware as I have already wiped and restored the software and the actual battery checked out fine.



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Thinkware F770 Dashboard Camera Review UPDATED

thinkware-f770-9Thinkware are pushing the boundaries of what dashcams can do and cost. The F770 is one of their more attractive offerings and a newer the F800 is about to arrive on our shores.

The F770’s mount sticks onto your windscreen directly and I’m sure a number of users will be instantly put off the device. No suction cup has been included, only a piece of 3m tape. The mount is a simple piece of plastic with a few clips that click into the main camera’s body.

Thinkware were kind enough to clear up this issue with the following statement:

It is common sense to avoid obstructing the field of view of the driver, so the recommended location for a dash cam is behind the rear view mirror and as you can see from the below picture the THINKWARE F770 is totally hidden behind the rear view mirror from the driver’s perspective and looks like part of the original equipment. If a suction mount was used this would not be the case.

More importantly the decision was made due to legal considerations. If you use a suction mounted car camera in the UK, if the device (camera and / or cradle and / or suction cup) intrudes more than 4cm into the secondary (pink) wiper clearance zone, or intrudes more than 1cm into the primary (red) wiper clearance zone of the windscreen, you are committing a serious traffic offence (dangerous driving) under the UK Road Traffic Act 1988, and your vehicle is not roadworthy (it would fail an MOT).The company selling a windscreen suction mounted car camera has a legal duty to ensure a) that the camera can actually be attached to a section of the windscreen of the vehicle which does not result in an unlawful intrusion of the primary (red) and / or secondary (pink) wiper clearance zone, b) that the screen does not remain on or visible to the driver and c) that the user is aware of the law. If the company sells a suction mounted car camera without doing this, they have committed a crime.


Looking at the device, on the “front” you have the camera lens, this rotates through (around) 87° to allow for coverage depending on the angle of your windscreen.

On one side there is only a little groove for heat dissipation and the reset button.

The other side has a hatch for access to the power socket and the microUSB port. There is also a groove for a penny or tough thumbnail to turn the camera lens.

On top, there are more vents for heats and cooling. Two LEDs, WiFi and GPS. Dedicated buttons for Manual Record start/stop, turning off and on the microphone, WiFi on/off, formatting the SD card and the power button. The device turns on when the car is started so this power button is purely for exceptions to that rule.

Along the back is the slot for the MicroSD card, some more vents and the hole for the cables for the side hatch.

Recording at Full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second. The F770 records at 9.5Mbps bitrate with a mono 48kHz audio track at 728Kbps. Footage is captured to expandable storage and the F770 takes a microSD card and there should be a 16GB card included. A 16GB MicroSD card will store up to 200 minutes of footage. As with most dashboard cameras the recording loops and overwrites the oldest files provided they have not been tagged as an incident. In this case, the footage is moved to a separate folder for safe keeping. The OS on the camera as a few settings to change the storage capacities for kept footage.

To connect your camera to your phone the F770 has Wi-Fi access built in. Using Thinkware’s app a simple ad-hoc connection it made and the two devices shake hands. Connecting to the camera with your phone allows the user to stream the footage live to the phone, personalise the settings, and align the camera so image captures as much as possible.

Other settings include the sensitivity of the G-sensor, configuring the Parking recording, silencing warning for lane departure and speed zones.

The app includes an explorer function to allow the user to stream or copy video footage to their smartphone. This was something of a laborious task and it was a lot quick to remove the SD card, plug it into a computer or phone and copy the files directly

Remarkably this is a handy feature that turns off the device input voltage drops to avoid draining the battery in standby mode.

A special Dual save function is also included whereby built-in memory is used for incident recordings, in the even the removable memory is damaged you will still have the files. A good backup consideration.

Footage shot on the Thinkware Camera is good, a fine example of how paying extra give the user a big step up in quality. Night video is also acceptable with no blobs of light or underexposure. Crucially there are no lost frames either. The 30fps is consistent.  Footage can be seen in the Unboxing video above.

GPS has been built in and location data is added to the footage. This can be viewed using desktop software.

It all sounds great, what the catch? The warnings are a pain, the camera will shout as you if you slip over the speed limit, and one occasion the camera’s speed limit database is incorrect. A bong will sound when changing lanes and whilst this is great for a tired driver who might drift, it can be irritating when on a long motorway drive.

One gripe I have with this and most other cameras is the power cable, at the one end is the connector for the 12v socket however as in some cars there might only be on 12v socket the dashcam will monopolise it. I have a phone charger and Bluetooth hands-free kit that sit in a three port USB converter with my current dashboard camera, however, the Thinkware has upset this happy arrangement.

It’s pricey and gets pricier if you want a rear camera as well. For the money, I would have expected a better mount, rather than have a lump of plastic permanently attached to the windscreen, it’s a relatively small footprint, but makes this difficult when you sell a car or want to switch the camera to a second car.

The Thinkware F770 has a few shortcomings however it’s indiscreet and produces the goods. It’s up there with the best of them and if you are purchasing then you better be sure this is the one for you.

The Thinkware F770 is for sale on for £199

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Griffin Technology Announces Survivor Strong and Survivor Clear for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+

g7Griffin Technology, creator of award-winning and thoughtfully designed mobile accessories, today announces the Survivor Strong and Survivor Clear cases for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ devices, immediately following the recent Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED 2017 event. Griffin’s range of cases offer unparalleled protection and sleek designs to complement the innovative features of the next generation Samsung Galaxy devices.

“As a new partner of the Designed for Samsung Mobile program, Griffin is thrilled to support Samsung’s revolutionary S8 devices with two of our best-selling protective solutions, Survivor Strong and Survivor Clear,” said Ethan Opelt, Survivor Category Manager at Griffin Technology. “Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ are truly remarkable in both intelligent functionality and cutting-edge design and our range of complementary solutions helps Samsung users stay stylish while protecting their device.”

Leading Griffin’s collection for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ is the ultra-slim Survivor Strong. Built to meet or exceed Military Standard 810-G standards for durability and protection, Survivor Strong offers unmatched drop protection without bulk. Weighing in at less than 2 ounces, Survivor Strong is light, but delivers heavy-duty protection from 7 foot (2.1 meters) drops onto concrete. The dual-material snap-on shell is designed with Griffin’s proprietary Impact Dispersion System to protect the device securely within its shatter-resistant shell, keeping it safe from impacts. To keep the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ safe, users need something strong, Survivor Strong.

Survivor Clear is one of Griffin’s slimmest Survivors ever while still delivering the same legendary Military Standard 810G protection from 4 foot (1.2 meter) falls. Composed of optics-clarity polycarbonate, the high-gloss case wards off scratches and looks newer longer. Survivor Clear’s impact-deflecting bumper protects the Samsung Galaxy S8’s sides and corners with anti-yellow rubber that maintains its impeccable clarity longer than other see-through cases. Allowing users to show off the sleek design and form of their new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+, Survivor Clear offers ultimate protection without getting in the way of the devices’ stunning screen.

Rounding out Griffin’s case collection for Samsung’s newest Galaxy is Reveal. The unbelievably slim polycarbonate case lets the Galaxy S8’s beautiful design shine through, but protects against impacts and scratches. Adding barely over a millimeter of thickness, Reveal protects with thin rubber edges that cushion the phone and give users a secure grip.

Griffin’s USB-C power and connectivity solutions are readily available to support the latest functionality of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ devices. Users can stay prepared and powered up with Griffin’s USB-C PowerBlock SE, USB-C to Micro Cable, USB-C to USB-A Cable, and USB-C to USB-C Cable. Not only does Griffin offer protection for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+, also accessories to outfit the device ensuring it is powered up and ready for use.

The USB-C PowerBlock SE is built to last with its power strip-friendly compact design. Keeping the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ charged up and connected, the USB-C PowerBlock SE delivers up to 15 watts of charging with its heavy-duty 4 foot (1.2 meter) cable integrated with the power supply, so users are never left looking for their cable.

Griffin knows how important it is to stay connected and users can rely on their USB-C to Micro Cable, USB-C to USB-A Cable, and USB-C to USB-C Cable to connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ with multiple devices including backup batteries, laptops, and other USB-C enabled devices.

Pricing & Availability

Survivor Strong, £29.99, for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be available in late April 2017. Color options will include Black/Gray, Navy/Coral Blue, Arctic Gray/White, Arctic Gray/Pink, Black Tint, Blue Tint, Pink Tint, and Clear.

Survivor Clear, £19.99, for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be available in late April 2017. Color options will include Black/Smoke/Clear, Blue/Black/Clear, Arctic Gray, Gold, Coral Blue, and Clear.

Reveal for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be available in late April 2017.

Griffin’s USB-C PowerBlock SE, £30.00, USB-C to Micro Cable, £14.99, USB-C to USB-A Cable, £14.99, and USB-C to USB-C Cable, £14.99 are now available online.

Sign up for stock availability updates at

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A Look At The Mio MiVue 65 LM GPS Dashcam

vlcsnap-00045When it comes to dashboards there is precious little space to add extra that might not have been included in your cars loadout. It would then make sense to add anything that was missing and keep the footprint as small as possible. A dedicated GPS is handy for most, however, the rise of the dashcam is a sensible and useful addition to all driver’s in-car tech. Combining them together is also a great saving when it comes to space. The Mio MiVue is another option that takes both and rams them together with a 6.2” Transmissive LCD with touch panel to enjoy it all on. The screen sits at 800 x 480 pixels however the video recorded manages to both 1080p at 30fps and 1296p at 30fps. Interestingly the system is built around Windows CE 6.0.

  • Car navigation with integrated Extreme HD (1296p) dash cam
  • Superior recording – glass lens, F1.8 aperture and 140° wide angle view
  • Lifetime Map Updates & Lifetime Safety Camera Updates
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems –  FCWS & LDWS
  • Built-in TMC (traffic information) & Bluetooth®

Check out the Mio MiMvue 65 on their official website.

Stay tuned for the full review in the coming weeks.

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Tech Addicts UK Podcast – 29th March 2017 – Galaxy S8, iPhone Red, New iPad

With Gareth Myles and Gavin Fabiani-Laymond

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Show Notes

Listener Feedback:

Think a Powerbank may have put the kibosh on my iPhones battery. It’s draining super quick now. Can literally see the % falling as I’m using it. Any apps that connect to the net just wipes out the battery at the min. I’ve done 2 full cycles to restore battery levels. Going to take a few more to get it back to normal. My wife had other with the battery on her iPhone 6 because she was using the iPad charger. Took a week or so of cycling the battery fully. That’s why I’m always wary of quick charge stuff. Smart charging isn’t that smart!




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A Look At The Speedlink Ultor Keyboard

vlcsnap-00015What can £75 get you in the way of compact mechanical gaming keyboards? Quite a handsome keyboard it would appear. Here we take a look at the Speedlink ULTOR Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with LED Illumination, Anti-ghosting, macro editor, freely configurable, internal memory.

  • Professional gaming keyboard with mechanical keys
  • Progressive Gaming Mode with 5 profiles, 6 macro keys, swappable WASD and arrow keys, remappable keys plus Windows key deactivation
  • Simple layout with compact, frameless design and aluminium body
  • N-key rollover for extreme anti-ghosting
  • Flexible USB cable with hard-wearing sheath (1.7m)

You can grab it from Amazon under for £75 here.

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Dubleup Credit Sized Power Bank review

IMG_20170308_133524Powerbanks are increasingly becoming a must-have accessory over the last few years and manufacturers are going to extra lengths the make their just that little bit more attractive to the rest. Be it, adding a flashlight, waterproofing, huge capacity or artwork. However, one company looks to be adding a particularly attractive feature, size.

As capacities increase we see batteries getting bigger and more cumbersome, requiring a bag to carry them. The Dubleup aims to be the backup battery that you can take with you at all times and whilst it’s not going to have your phone back to 100%, it will get you out of a spot.


Designed to fit in your wallet or purse the Dubleup has most of the same proportions of a credit card. Save for girth, there is a battery in there so it has to have some girth. And whilst it might be as bloated as three credit cards piled on top of one another, that’s not exactly wide. Especially when you consider there needs to be a connector to charge the unit and a button to activate it.

One the one side the charger has an attractive metallic look, available in three colours. Black, silver and pink. This is a tough and somewhat scratch resistant surface. A subtle logo is in place on the top left and there is a connector on the top right, more about this later.

The understand is a little less elegant, however, this is the where all the action is. On the left is the charge cable and this is the Dubleup’s most commendable feature, the cable for your device is built right in, no need to carry one with you. A power button and some LEDs sit next to this and at the far right are some markings for capacity and output.

There is little on the sides save for the input charge port.

The one this that most will probably take issue with is that the capacity is 1280 mAh and this is lower than most phone batteries. Additionally, the output is 1A so no fast charging will take place here. Expecting your phone to be 100% after a 30-minute charge on the Dubleup is missing the point. This is designed to be in your wallet or purse to top up when battery life is grim. Perhaps when at a party on down in the bar with friends, somewhere that you don’t want to take a bulky powerbank with you and perhaps didn’t have the ability to charge your device over the course of the day, not everyone can.

Slow to charge, and from 0% to around 38% the Dubleup was dead when I unplugged it from my phone 90 minutes after starting. Just enough of an injection of power to see me home. I was able to put the Dubleup back in my wallet and motor on for a few hours before going home. A bit of a life saver in the right hands.

The Dubleup is a godsend, and not just for its slight footprint. The addition of the inbuilt charge cable is the icing on the cake and whilst options only cover MicroUSB and Apple Lightning connections this is an excellent addition to anyone’s wallet, purse or phone case! Hopefully, USB Type-C will be on the cards for the future.

As a Kickstarter project, you can register your interest now on and check out the Kickstarter page HERE.

An Early Bird Offer is currently available. Get your Dubleup for just 60 AUD (around £36) or bag 2 for 100 AUD (around £60). Prices will include shipping.

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Audeara – The world’s first full fidelity headphones with in built hearing test

unsspecifiedAudeara, the world’s first full fidelity headphones with an in built hearing test to protect users ears, delivering a supreme, catered sound like no other headphone, is currently live on Kickstarter.  An instant hit, it reached its funding target within the first 15 hours and has now more than doubled its original target!

Everyone has a degree of hearing loss. Not just as a result of every loud gig they’ve been to, every busy street they’ve walked down, or every police siren that’s ever gone past but also damage can be sustained purely by listening to their headphones too loud. More and more young people have some loss of hearing, an increasing number with the same hearing health aged 30 that people would usually associate with a 60 year old.

Audeara headphones can be used to test and retest hearing over a lifetime and adapt music to the users’ individual needs. They make music better, not louder, and provide perfect sound, always. The first time the headphones are worn, the user undertakes a hearing test – the results of which, are subsequently stored in the headphones themselves. The headphones use this hearing profile to adjust the sound signal as it passes through them. They adjust the right ear differently from the left, making sure each part of the signal reaches the user’s brain in a way that’s heard as a perfect reflection of the intended signal.

What makes the Audeara headphones especially powerful is that all the technology is inside the headphones themselves. After the first test, the app isn’t required again unless the user wants to retest. This means headphones are no longer passive magnets for signal conversion, instead, they’re sophisticated tools for personalised sound reproduction.

The Technology

Audeara headphones use a software interface from a smartphone application to send Bluetooth commands to the on-board printed circuit board (PCB). This allows the headphones themselves to generate the tones and maintains consistency across all Bluetooth devices.

The headphones are calibrated and the profile is used as the baseline for accurate audiogram testing. After the user performs the audiogram, a modulation table is applied. This adjusts all incoming musical signals to the user’s requirements. Using an attenuation model, rather than increasing gain, ensures maximisation of the overall signal intensity, without distortion.

With the modulation table stored in the on-board PCB, the user only has to test once for the headphones to apply that table to any Bluetooth signal source. The user can, however, test multiple times, and the software application stores numerous profiles that are then uploaded and stored as the active profile.

The result of the audiogram is displayed for the user, perfect for long-term tracking of any hearing loss, and also as an educational tool in preventing long-term hearing impairment. If the user’s hearing profile shows significant impairment an alert will be shown, which suggests they seek more specialist advice and analysis.

The Audeara Headphones are currently available to backers from just £155 on the Early Bird Special (RRP: £310) on Kickstarter, widely available in July 2017



  • Low-latency, high-fidelity Bluetooth.
  • High-quality 40mm Mylar speakers.
  • Adjustable headband and soft over-ear cushion.
  • Rotatable design for easy storage in a slim, hard carry case when traveling.
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via Micro-USB jack.
  • The headphones can be used as a common wired headphone with 3.5mm port.
  • Advanced, active noise cancelling design effectively reduces noise by up to 85%.


  • Bluetooth & ANC
  • Speakers: 40mm Mylar
  • Audio impedance: 32Ohm
  • Charging time: approx 3.0 hours
  • Charging: micro USB
  • Operating range: ≥10 m
  • Connection: 3.5mm jack
  • Working time :

– Noise cancelling function only: 30 hours
– Bluetooth function only: 15 hours
– Noise cancelling + Bluetooth function: 12 hours

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GEAR4’s top selling phone cases with ‘Trusted Protection’ are now available for the Samsung A5

unspecifiedGEAR4, the UK’s number one trusted impact protection case brand, has today announced that the Piccadilly and Oxford cases from its hugely successful range featuring D3O® technology, will now be available for the Samsung A5.

Samsung A5 owners will no longer miss out on the opportunity to wrap their treasured device in the most advanced shock absorbing technology for enhanced impact protection. Featuring the same D3O® technology that is trusted worldwide in U.S military combat uniforms, American football helmets and protective gear worn by pro athletes (including Usain Bolt), the stylish Piccadilly and Oxford cases boast unrivalled protection.

The Oxford and Piccadilly cases linked to GEAR4’s British roots, combining modern forms and materials to deliver the ultimate combination of sleek protection.


The Piccadilly

The Piccadilly case is the perfect choice if you desire protection but want your phone to remain as close to the original look as possible. Offering the world’s first Metallic INJECTABLE D3O® technology, delivering more impact protection per cubic millimetre than other leading materials hese ultra-slim, ultra-modern, ultra-protective cases can make an impact and still blend with contemporary life.

Piccadilly is scratch-protected with UV coating and offers easy access to all ports. Available in Black

RRP £29.99 


The Oxford Bookcase

GEAR4’s multi-tasker, the Oxford mobile wallet features slots for credit cards and also a convenient stand for viewing videos in landscape. It’s unique clip closure design keeps your valuables safe. Function doesn’t compromise form on the Oxford, as it features the same D3O® smart material that offers the highest performance impact protection.

The Oxford comes in Black only.

RRP £34.99 (Images available here)


So what exactly is D3O?

The molecules in D3O® materials in their raw state flow freely when moved slowly, but on shock, lock together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to their flexible state. This reaction is counter intuitive. The greater the force of the impact, the more the molecules lock together and the greater the protection meaning your device stays safe when dropped.

The GEAR4 Oxford and Piccadilly cases from Carphone Warehouse and

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Adding in replacement units to the devolo Home Control

Image13This is the second follow-up to our previous unboxings of various Home Control devices. devolo have sent some replacement units to those I have having trouble in the second video.

The Keyfob and Wall Switch have been replaced and we can now test the replacements and … get the lamp to switch on… for science.