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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast Award reminder–Final night to vote

It’s the final night before voting ends and we just wanted one last push in the hope of securing another couple of votes. We have been nominated for a Northern Ireland Social Media Award and you can use the voting button below to add yours. We have been listed in Category 6 – Broadcast Media against local TV channels and radio stations.

An exciting time for us as we only do our little podcast as a hobby and for the pure enjoyment of it. To be listed alongside Ulster Television, Cool FM and Citybeat is an extreme honour.

Thanks for voting!!

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Chrome OS Gets a Huge Update and Chromebooks are Announced at Google I/O 2011

gchrome-notebook Google’s second keynote at it’s developer conference was all about Chrome. The browser got some cool features such as speed improvements, in-app payments and Angry Birds, but all the big news is about the operating system version of Google’s browser. Chrome OS was a definite experiment from Google but this announcement cements in the fact the Chrome OS is here to stay.

For those unfamiliar with Chrome OS, let me fill you in. It basically is an entire operating system based around Chrome. Instant web, 8 second start up, data stored in the cloud and built-in security are just some of the big attractions of Chrome OS but there were some concerns when it was announced; such as could it replace a fully-fledged laptop and would ever catch on.

The Chrome OS beta did have some pretty big omissions but Google has now listened and delivered. The first update announced by Sundar Pichai, the Senior VP of Chrome, is that Chrome OS will be getting a fully fledged file system. Accessed by a tab in the browser, the file system is just like any other, sans the fact that it is in the browser. It recognises document types for quick upload to the cloud, USB sticks and SD cards can be mounted and there is a new preview mode for media such as movies and media. The preview mode can be either in the bottom right hand corner and it remains there while you do other tasks such as email or you make it full screen for your viewing pleasure. As one of the biggest complaints from Beta testers, I am glad to see it added and I would say that this is the biggest feature that could enable migration away from full computers towards Chrome OS.

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LG tours the country showcasing latest Smartphones


LG is hitting the road with a series of shopping centre roadshows, showcasing its latest range of smartphones and offering consumers the chance to try out the innovative new technologies. The experiential roadshow will kick off in Manchester’s Trafford Centre on 12 May and will end in Bristol at the end of June.

The pop-up stand includes the latest smartphones from LG’s new top-end Optimus range, including the LG Optimus 2X, the world’s first phone with a dual-core processor and the LG Optimus Black, one of the slimmest and brightest phones on the market. The handsets are displayed on a ‘device bar’ allowing shoppers to play with the phones at their leisure with LG Crew Customers on hand to offer expert advice.

Treating shoppers to a ‘Life’s Good’ experience, visitors can connect the LG Optimus 2X to TVs to play the latest video games and there is a dedicated family area to keep the kids entertained, where they can  enter a competition to win a 42″ LG LED TV.

To coincide with the roadshow there will be LG experts in major retailers in the shopping centres, where consumers can gain further information about LG’s new smartphones and available tariff options. LG is also running an exclusive giveaway promotion whereby customers will receive a set of new LG headphones when an LG phone is purchased in any of the stores in the shopping centre.

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Angry Birds Rio to be pre-loaded on LG’s Optimus range


LG Electronics (LG) today announced an agreement with Fox Digital Entertainment and Rovio Mobile to pre-load Angry Birds Rio on LG’s Optimus Series smartphones, an unprecedented commitment to make entertainment content available to LG customers when they purchase a phone. Angry Birds Rio – an extension of Rovio’s wildly popular original Angry Birds game – was developed in conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox and features the original Angry Birds characters alongside the animated stars of the studio’s recently-released motion picture, RIO. The film – from the makers of the hit ICE AGE series – is in cinemas now around the world.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Browser Demo – Video

blackberry-playbook 7

With the web browser being one of the most used features on any tablet I thought I would give you a brief demo of it in action on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Historically the web browser on BlackBerry Smartphones has always been lagging compared to the competition. Not anymore now the that the PlayBook runs RIM’s new QNX operating system.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in our tablet forum.

You can see the video below:

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 118: I saw James dance it was bad ass

Web bannerWe are back after a brief hiatus and playing catch up. A whole bunch of devices have been reviewed and unboxed recently and we are going to talk about the lot. From Nokia’s latest, to one of the first UK Playbooks by way of the Samsung Galaxy S II and a bunch of LG devices. This podcast is crammed!!

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