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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 118: I saw James dance it was bad ass

Web bannerWe are back after a brief hiatus and playing catch up. A whole bunch of devices have been reviewed and unboxed recently and we are going to talk about the lot. From Nokia’s latest, to one of the first UK Playbooks by way of the Samsung Galaxy S II and a bunch of LG devices. This podcast is crammed!!

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Regulars – Gareth, James, Matt and Tracy

James counts to number eight with his fingers.

Show Notes

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Nokia E7 review
Thoughts on the BlackBerry Bold 9900
LG Optimus 2X Review
Ice Cream Sandwich
Dell Venue Pro Review
HTC Wildfire S Review
Samsung Galaxy S II unboxing/Demo
Samsung Galaxy Pro Unboxing
LG Optimus Black unboxing video
HTC ChaCha and Salsa on pre order from Amazon

Tablet Table
Toshiba Tab Specs
James has a Xoom (Ex Oh Oh Em.)
James has a PlayBook
HTC Puccini

Bargain Basement
Motorola Flipout on Orange Currently showing on website at £99.99 (still about the cheapest I can find) – however, if you top up by £20 you get a £50 reduction on handset price bringing it down to £49.99 (click on the "i" next to phone for full info). 

O2 are giving a free High Street Gift Voucher worth £50 when you take out a 12 month sim only contract.

LG Optimus Me £87.99

HTC Desire Z  £381.71 inc. vat

Listeners Garden

Apologies for mucking up Gerald Rosenfelder message last week. Its fixed

A question for the podcast I think, but up to you lot obviously.
Anyway I recently found out that my Mother in law had bought a new phone, the HTC Desire, which I was quiet impressed with, this is her first time into the smartphone market (which has implications later on in this story).  I proceeded to show her a few things about the phone and sorted out the logon to the market etc etc.
At this point I thought I wonder what sort of contract she got, she told me she had some mins and some texts plus she got an extra which she could choose from and got extra texts.  At which point I said hang on have you not got any data with that, she said that she was asked if she would use the internet at all whilst not at home and connected to wifi, and she said no, therefore was recommended to get the texts not data.
You can probably guess what is coming next, she now has a huge bill because the phone has been using data (which she didn’t understand) for things like gmail, news apps etc etc.  Which I thought would be the case, surely this is a case of being miss sold a contract/phone.  I am astounded that a company would sell an android phone without data!!  It makes no sense to me.
The reason why I am writing this email and I’m sorry it’s a bit long (could have been a lot longer), is I was wondering if you have ever come across this problem and do you know what her legal stand point is?  I also thought it would be a good situation for a rant on the pod-cast maybe??
Regards and thanks
Rob Hannaford

Brother Printer Competition

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BlackBerry Travel

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Many thanks to The Stetz for the music 

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