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On screen keyboard found on webOS


The chaps at have been playing about with the Palm Pre 2 and have come across an on screen keyboard which has not been seen before. Having this keyboard on the Palm Pre or Pixi is fairly pointless but what is does make us think is that HP/Palm must be working on some touch screen only devices for the near future. This is pretty exciting stuff as WebOS is a great platform sorely let down by some not so great hardware from Palm. I suspect things are going to change now that HP are running the show.

Video after the break:

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Gingerbread enhancements revealed, rolling out to Nexus Ones

Google have finally come clean about the newest release of Android. As the rumours suggested, Gingerbread is indeed version 2.3. It isn’t a huge overhaul of Android, but rather many refinements under the hood and more UI tweaks and enhancements; Honeycomb 3.0, expected early next year, is the one that’s supposed to be the next major release. As well as officially announcing the release, Google have also seen it fit to already begin rolling over the air updates to Nexus One owners, so watch out for the update if you’re a lucky enough to own one. If not, there’s the Nexus S expected to be on sale on the 20th of December. Click through to see a brief summary of the tweaks and improvements over Froyo:

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Google Nexus S arrives


Carphone Warehouse have updated their site with details of what you can expect to pay for the new Nexus S. Sim unlocked the high price of £549.95 is being demanded. You can of course grab it on PAYG on Vodafone by adding £10 to that. To get it free you’ll be paying £35 a month for 600mins, 500 sms and 500 mb data on a 24 month contract. There is also a £40 option at 900mins, 500 sms, 750mb, again for 2 years.

It’s a tall order and roughly equivalent to what early adopters had to pay to get their hands on the Nexus One on it’s initial release. Delivery is roughly estimated as the end of December.

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The Nexus S is coming!


Google’s new flagship Android device will be with us in a matter of weeks. The joint effort from Samsung and Google will be the first Android device to come pre loaded with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

After December 16, Nexus S will be sold unlocked and carrier-independent initially through Best Buy stores in the U.S. and after December 20 at Carphone Warehouse stores in the UK.


See the specs and the press release after the break:

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HP Photosmart Premium Review

HP-prem We recently looked at a few photo printers and as we’re running up to Christmas, and I suspect that photo printers are likely to be on a few people’s Christmas list, I thought it was about time that we review a few more.

We’re are starting off this week with the HP Photosmart Premium (C309G), an all-in-one photo printer, copier scanner with the added benefit of a large colour LCD touchscreen promising that you’ll be able to edit photos without the need of a computer or wirelessly print direct from your PS3, iPhone or iPad.

So let’s unpack the printer and see how easy it is to get up and running and, most importantly, how good those photos print!


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BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-300 Review

BB HS300_Stand

RIM have produced various Bluetooth headsets over the years and all have been of great quality. Earlier on this year we reviewed the VM-605 Visor Mount which I loved and still use to this day in the car.

This new headset, the HS-300 is the more traditional in ear device and at a more attractive price than the Visor mount. Is it worth the money? You will have to read on to find out.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab unboxing video

Galaxy-Tab The Samsung Galaxy Tab was announced and released a while ago but it’s been so popular that we’ve actually struggled to get our hands on one to review. However, a few days ago one arrived from Clove Technology for us to take a look at.

When initially announced the Galaxy Tab was rumoured to cost in the region of £700 which made us all wonder if Samsung had priced themselves out of the market with perhaps its closest rival, the iPad, costing significantly less. The price is now a much more reasonable £517 from Clove which makes it significantly more competitive.

We’ve given the Tab to Gareth to review as he’s recently been playing with Android tablets from Archos so thought it would be good to get his opinion and comparison. His review will be with us later next week but for now you can check out my unboxing video below.


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Angry Birds Seasons is here for Android and iOS


Angry Birds Seasons is now available for download for iOS and Android devices! Initially launched in the App Store as Angry Birds Halloween, the game has been expanded with a brand new festive level pack Season’s Greetings.
Season’s Greetings consists of 25 daily surprises for fans of Angry Birds to enjoy while counting down the days until Christmas. Included in the game is also the 45-level Halloween special edition, now packaged as a separate episode called Trick Or Treat.

The game will set you back 59 pence on the iPhone/iPod Touch and only £1.19 for the iPad. Android users get their edition for free but it is ad-supported currently.

Go check it out.


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Christmas offers from BlackBerry

Screen shot 2010-12-02 at 11.00.59

With the BlackBerry Curve 8520 being such a massive hit here in the UK I am rather pleased to see on the BlackBerry UK website a range of PAYG Christmas deals from our networks and retailers. As you can see if you click here you can pick up a BlackBerry Curve for as little as £129.95. I don’t think I have ever seen them cheaper. With so many teenagers now picking up BlackBerry for its messaging powers this may be the perfect time for some BlackBerry Xmas shopping?


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RIM vs Kik – The story continues


For those of you that have been following the Kik messaging saga on BlackBerry you may or may not be aware that RIM have launched a suit against Kik Interactive for patent infringement.

It would appear that Kik have infringed three Canadian patents but in addition it also looks like Ted Livingston, the CEO of Kik interactive, worked at RIM as part of the BBM group in 2007 to 2008. RIM alleged that Ted had access to confidential information regarding BBM development, future plans, and technology and used them to his benefit.
RIM also alleged that Kik had, without obtaining user consent, transmitted end users’ personal information, including information from their address books, to Kik’s servers and then used that information to send spam.
This is going to be an interesting case to watch, as RIM will certainly ask for an injunction to stop Kik from distributing its software across not only BlackBerry, but all other mobile platforms as well.

Some unhappy times lie ahead for happy Kik users I think.


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