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BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-300 Review

BB HS300_Stand

RIM have produced various Bluetooth headsets over the years and all have been of great quality. Earlier on this year we reviewed the VM-605 Visor Mount which I loved and still use to this day in the car.

This new headset, the HS-300 is the more traditional in ear device and at a more attractive price than the Visor mount. Is it worth the money? You will have to read on to find out.


Device: BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-300

Price: £29.95


What’s in the box:

  • 4 Ear pieces
  • 1 Ear hook
  • BlackBerry® Micro-USB Cable
  • BlackBerry® Power Plug
  • User Guide

BB HS 300 2gif

BB HS-300 3

HS-300 with ear hook


Key Features

  • Voice prompts: Once you’re connected, voice prompts alert you with battery status updates, mute status and more. So you always know what’s going on.
  • Rapid charging: With just 15 minutes of charging, the headset gives you up to 2 hours of talk time. So whatever you’re doing, you’ve got a headset that’s good to go.
  • Automatic volume control: Walk into a noisy environment, and your headset adjusts the volume almost instantly, so you can concentrate on your call.



The problem I have always had with in ear Bluetooth headsets is how uncomfortable they become after wearing for a while. The BlackBerry HS-300 is one of the more comfortable I have used and I put this down to its size, weight and build quality. It is small and sleek and with the added bonus of the over ear hook you have the choice of how you want to wear it. I’m not a ‘hook’ fan so without it I found the device sat tightly in the ear and produced little discomfort.

Equally important is the sound quality. This was fantastic and a real pleasure to use. Volume is controlled automatically so there are no volume buttons on the headset itself. While we are on the subject of buttons there are only two. The first is quite visible and this is the on/off button. When you switch it on the headset actually said ‘Hello’ to you and the same goes for switching off although it clearly doesn’t say ‘Hello’ then!

The second button is on the main face of the headset and you wouldn’t know it was a button until you press it. This button does various things. It can initiate a call. To do this you hold it down for a couple of seconds and voice activated dialing starts.
While in a call one press will mute the call and two quick presses will end the call.

Charging is another superb feature on the HS-300. It has rapid charge and 15 minutes of charging will give you up to two hours of talk time. How cool is that. With the charging port being MicroUSB you can also charge in the car if you have a BlackBerry car charger.


BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-300 Review



Overall the BlackBerry HS-300 is a super in car option and one I would highly recommend. It looks good, is comfortable and performs perfectly as well as not being over priced. What more could you ask for.


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