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Kins get specced


Gdgt have listed an almost complete spec list for both the Kin1 and Kin2. The specs are quite high for the SideKick market that they are more than likely to be targeted at, well the inclusion of Exchange might jostle that idea. They should prove to be terrific phones for a pre-iPhone/Android era. Had they hit the street some time ago, even last year when the pictures first emerged they probably would have been raved about.

No pricing as yet but this will play the most instrumental if they devices are to have any degree of success. We would expect to see pricing before the end of the week.

[Gdgt Kin 1, Kin 2]

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Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Unboxing Video

IMG_0714 This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a Freedom keyboard but it has been a long time since the last one. I’m putting a bit of an iPad slant on this unboxing video and will do with the review, mainly because I have the iPad at the moment but also because I know that a number of people may indeed be looking for a Bluetooth keyboard for their new gadget.

If you don’t have an iPad though, don’t turn off just yet, this Freedom Pro keyboard isn’t exclusively for the iPad. In fact, with SPP and HID Bluetooth modes the Freedom Pro keyboard should work with a huge variety of devices from Blackberry’s, Windows Mobile devices, Android and Symbian to Laptops and even the Playstation 3!

The Freedom Pro offers a full sized full-QWERTY layout in a relatively small folding package and although on-screen text entry has come a long way on many mobiles and some also have a physical keyboard too, there is no substitute for a proper keyboard when you have a lot to type. Just thinking of the iPad again for a moment, one of the things I dislike about the touchscreen QWERTY is that there’s only four rows of keys, no numeric keys on the top row where I think there would be room if they were just a little smaller. So for typing a lot of stuff a real keyboard will certainly help.

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No Google Maps Navigation for iPhone users


Google recently announced that their free turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps will become available on other platforms aside from Android, and since that the iPhone already has Google Maps on-board, one would think that it will also be released on Apple’s dear little mobile phone. That’s what we thought too, but unfortunately, it won’t be happening. Google has gone on the record and stated that Google Maps Navigation will not be available on the iPhone in response to rumors that it has been confirmed for release on Apple’s top-selling device. Is this the first sign of Google’s desire to end support for the iPhone?

Only time will tell, but as far as the here and now is concerned, it’s confirmed that there won’t be free Google Maps Navigation available for iPhone users across the globe.


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