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Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Unboxing Video

IMG_0714 This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a Freedom keyboard but it has been a long time since the last one. I’m putting a bit of an iPad slant on this unboxing video and will do with the review, mainly because I have the iPad at the moment but also because I know that a number of people may indeed be looking for a Bluetooth keyboard for their new gadget.

If you don’t have an iPad though, don’t turn off just yet, this Freedom Pro keyboard isn’t exclusively for the iPad. In fact, with SPP and HID Bluetooth modes the Freedom Pro keyboard should work with a huge variety of devices from Blackberry’s, Windows Mobile devices, Android and Symbian to Laptops and even the Playstation 3!

The Freedom Pro offers a full sized full-QWERTY layout in a relatively small folding package and although on-screen text entry has come a long way on many mobiles and some also have a physical keyboard too, there is no substitute for a proper keyboard when you have a lot to type. Just thinking of the iPad again for a moment, one of the things I dislike about the touchscreen QWERTY is that there’s only four rows of keys, no numeric keys on the top row where I think there would be room if they were just a little smaller. So for typing a lot of stuff a real keyboard will certainly help.

Setup of the Freedom Pro really is a piece of cake so I thought I would show you how it works in this unboxing and demo video below.


Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Unboxing Video


Key features:

  • HID Profile – Used for connecting to Symbian and Windows Mobile Smartphones. Can also be connected to many HID compatible devices which have keyboard support such as Playstations 3’s, Netbooks, Laptop’s and PC’s.
  • SPP Profile – Used for connecting to BlackBerry’s and Android based phones. (Note: Android drivers are currently under development).
  • Full 5 row keyboard with 75 keys.
  • 6 Dedicated keys to: Answer Call, End/Reject call, Open Messages/email, Open Address book, Open task and Open Calendar.
  • 12 user defined quick launch keys.
  • Control and function keys allow complete control of your mobile device from the keyboard.
  • Separate LED indicators to show power and connection status.
  • Pull out, folding, device stand.
  • Uses two AAA batteries for long life (Over 90 hours use and 3000 hours standby) and ease of replacement.
  • Comes with elegant storage case.


The Freedom ProT Keyboard is compatible with a large range of mobile devices running the following operating systems:

  • BlackBerry – running Versions 4.0 and upwards.
  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5, 6, 6.1 and 6.5.
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone 5, 6, 6.1 and 6.5
  • Symbian Series 60 (most N and E series Nokia’s)
  • Symbian UIQ3 (Sony Ericsson Smartphones such as the P900)
  • iPhone & iPad


Because of its Dual Profile Bluetooth Module the Freedom Pro Keyboard will also work with all devices that have built in support for HID Bluetooth keyboards, such as: Netbooks, UMPC’s, Home theatre PC’s, Playstation 3, PC’s running Windows, Linux and Mac OS, etc.


I’ll come back and let you know what I think of it once I’ve had chance to use it more!


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