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More photos of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100

9100 1

We posted some pictures a while ago of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and today we are lucky enough to find some more. The guys at have managed to get some nice new shots of the device and I must say its looking pretty nice.

We don’t know a tonne about the 9100 although it will have 3G unlike its predecessor, the Pearl 8100. At Mobile World Congress RIM were reluctant to discuss the 9100. I did mention it and they pretended to not know what I was talking about. They knew alright!

Earlier this month there were some rumours going around on various sites saying that the BlackBerry 9100 may get a full QWERTY keyboard. Looks like that one is not on the cards. The keys would have to be seriously small if that was the case.

We do not have any expected release dates or carrier news on the 9100 but as soon as we do we will let you know.


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Kindle app for iPad coming soon – says Amazon

iPad is going on sale in USA on April 3rd, 2010, and in UK (rumored, not confirmed): by the end of April. iPhone users should rejoice: as side effect of iPad release, many new apps are coming to iPhone and some old apps will get upgrades.

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App store now accepting iPad submissions


Apple has just announced that they’re opening the doors to their App Store for iPad-optimized app submissions. Developers who wish to get their apps on the first batch of iPad units on April 3rd will have to get their works in by March 27th. Just to update you guys, the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK is now inbeta 5 form. This announcement may have very little to do with us non-developers who are just waiting to get our hands on the latest gadgets, but we certainly can help the developers out by letting them now which apps we would love to see optimized for the Apple iPad.

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Editorial: is iPhone jailbreaking fostering piracy? Oh yes, it is!!!

You gotta be pretty naive to think that iPhone jailbreaking is not fostering privacy.

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ViewSonic PCmini VOT120 unboxing video

viewsonic Small form factor, low-power computers seem to be coming ever more popular with several of the big name brands releasing their own small-box style units that can fix to the back of your monitor.

ViewSonic are perhaps better known for display products but they have also recently introduced a few laptop/netbook products and now this the ViewSonic PCmini VOT120 is their first small form PC.

When I say small, I really do mean small. As you’ll see in the video below this thing is tiny, will fit on the back of or behind even the smallest of monitors to provide a neat small footprint desktop setup perhaps ideal for locations where space is at a premium or where you might not typically place a larger PC.

We’ll have our review of this little PC online for you soon but for now you can have a look at the quick video below to get an idea of its size and what come included.


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3 MVNO Nutshell Mobile has gone live

125015 The MVNO was launched earlier this month and will focus on a number of disenfranchised segments in the market. It will use 20:20 Mobile for handset fulfilment.

The MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) wholesale contract with telecoms distributor Nutshell Mobile is a deal whereby Nutshell Mobile will offer an own-branded business mobile voice and data service using the 3 network.
Nutshell CEO Gordon Webber said: We have a number of different partners for different facets of the business. Everything is being run through an outbound call centre and we have a separate customer service centre.
The MVNO will also offer its services as a white-label product. At the time of the launch, 3 UK MVNO account manager Darren King said: We are delighted to have signed Nutshell Mobile to our growing MVNO client base.
3 UK has Britains biggest and best 3G network and because of that we are able to offer the MVNOs we work with a reliable and fast network that will help them grow and sustain their customer bases.

Source Mobiletoday

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Vodafone Spain replacing 3000 infected MicroSD card in

vodafone_htc_magic_april_uk It looks like the virus-strewn HTC Magic that was recently purchased from Vodafone UK is only the tip of the iceberg. According to Vodafone Spain, some 3,000 users in all may have been exposed to Mariposa malware — which used the handset’s storage to make its way to customer’s PCs via USB, leading the company to replace the microSD cards for infected customers. The company also says that the incident is "isolated and local," but with the number of infections rising from one in the UK to 3,000 in Spain in just over a week we wouldn’t be surprised this story was just heating up.

Via Engadget

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