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Kindle app for iPad coming soon – says Amazon

iPad is going on sale in USA on April 3rd, 2010, and in UK (rumored, not confirmed): by the end of April. iPhone users should rejoice: as side effect of iPad release, many new apps are coming to iPhone and some old apps will get upgrades.

Previously Kindle app for iPhone was available, but recently Amazon has announced release of Kindle app for Mac and by the way of this announcement, Amazon has pre-announced Kindle app for iPhone:

Kindle books can now be read on the Kindle, Kindle DX, iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, PC and Mac, and soon the iPad.

Of course it is possible to run old iPhone apps in iPad in backward compatibility mode and then users can see these apps either as tiny part of display, or, magnified 2 times, in a very pixelated form. However many apps, including Kindle app for iPhone, will be released in a special, separate version for iPad or with “universal binary” where one and the same app binary is serving both iPhone and iPad.

Practically speaking iPad-enabled iPhone apps, or iPad-only apps, will have a bit different user interface: instead of going to next screen, the “next screen” will be shown side by side with previous screen, what will incredibly increase comfort of usage.

Many magazine and newspaper apps for iPhone are very good but reading them with low resolution (480×320 is cumbersome compared to other smartphones powered by Android and Windows Phone) is problematic: you have all the time feeling that small display and small resolution are cramping your reading comfort… and photos of girls doesn’t look that good in low-resolution and on small display. So iPad will bring revolution in the area of newspaper and magazine reading – thanks to the new generation of iPad enabled apps.

However another side effect, that we are so much longing for is: improvement of iPhone apps as side-effect of releasing iPad apps. You see: Kindle app for iPad will have to compete with Apple’s own iBooks eBook store and reader. That is why we hope that by the way of this iPad release, Kindle app for iPhone will get the missing feature that we are so much missing: text search.

So iPad release is a very good news also for iPhone users, also those who will actually not buy iPad.

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