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Editorial: is iPhone jailbreaking fostering piracy? Oh yes, it is!!!

You gotta be pretty naive to think that iPhone jailbreaking is not fostering privacy.

Often, when we mention, that iPhone jailbreaking is fostering piracy of apps, then idiot users are responding like this:

some people Jailbreak because they want to use themes and other nifty apps that Apple would otherwise never accept into App Store

Less retarded iPhone users point out, that not jailbreaking itself is fostering piracy but the fact that Apple is not copy protecting apps strong enough:

the reason Jailbreaking enables piracy is because Apple thought that hiding stuff protects it. thats wrong. protecting stuff protects it.

same problem with android. google thought hiding the apps in a folder that belongs to the root user is enough. it is not.

if Apple would have put more effort into protecting Apps, they wouldn’t need to restrict the iPhone that heavily

However all these pro-jailbreaking voices of users are idiotic babbling because when everything is said and done, with hand on your heart, at the end of the day, it is developers that suffer the most and here is what iPhone developers say about iPhone jailbreaking:

Certainly that [using nifty jailbroken apps and themes] is why many people jailbreak their phones. But it still does foster piracy.

As an author of an iPhone app myself, I’m quite dismayed that my app was already IPA’d and available for free on jailbroken phones. But
many of my coworkers have jailbroken their phones for the reasons you state. It doesn’t make them pirates, but it does give pirates an in.

These quotes come from a discussion at a website about Windows Phones but since these are voices about iPhone, not about Windows Phone, they are more relevant for Mobile Tech Addicts website, so we thought that we will mention them here.

Obviously issue of jailbreaking will hit also Windows Phone 7 Series phones but as of now it is affecting iPhone developers the most: due to jailbreaking all apps are available on dodgy websites without the need to buy them and stupid naive users keep on jailbreaking their iPhones and, even if they don’t agree with it, they foster piracy.

So we kindly ask all iPhone and iPod touch and iPad users: please do not jailbreak your device. By jailbreaking your device, you are fostering piracy and damaging developers, and in the end damaging yourself. And it is happening independently from what users of jailbroken phones think. It is like opinion of men about pregnancy: no uterus, no opinion! Replace uterus with iPhone developer and you will see what we mean…

We feel strongly about this topic, no matter about what kind of jailbreaking we talk: whether it is iPhone jailbreaking or Windows Phone 7 jailbreaking. So if you feel that lack of jailbreaking of iPhone would be violation of your personal freedoms and it is good thing generally and not really fostering piracy, then we must simply conclude: you are mentally retarded.

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