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EU Recalls app for iPhone released – might save your life

So, you are buying some electrical appliances for yourself or toys for your kids and you would like to be sure that they are not dangerous? Every Friday EU is releasing list of dangerous products. With this app you can search the whole database of products or just the recently added products by country of sale. If you live in EU, you might find this app useful.

One example: an iPhone clone from China that is causing electrical shock and fire:

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Windows Phone 7 Series, not for the power user

So as the dust settles on the Windows Phone 7 Series details announced at Mix 2010 I thought it was about time that I chimed in with my thoughts on this new platform.

First off, after it was announced at Mobile World Congress I was genuinely excited, the first time in a long long time that a Windows Phone product has got my juices flowing, unfortunately after MWC I was left with lots more questions than answers but following Mix those questions are now getting answers but are they the right answers.

In my opinion Windows Mobile has taken a long hard look at the competition, it’s history and it’s future and has chosen to chase the dollar, what do I mean by this, well Windows Mobile was the power users platform of choice, the OS that the geeks of this world were proud to use, an OS that you could do anything with, no limits, no restrictions and a huge underground community to assist with those whims.

That has now been blown apart with Windows Phone 7 Series, this OS is following the Apple model, locked down to the hilt, synching only with desktop Zune software, apps only via Marketplace, very restricted multi- tasking, no memory card slots oh and I nearly forgot, no customisation of home screens and wait for it……. No copy and paste, you can hear the screams and gnashing of teeth from the die hard Windows Mobile fans who have stuck up for the aging OS for years, Microsoft have said thanks but get lost, it’s not the choice for the geek anymore that is for sure, Android has just received a huge sales boost , you can read the comments on many popular Windows Phone forums, it’s the end of an era.

As far as I am concerned it’s the start of something fresh, new and usable, it’s a UI designed for finger navigation, structured and easy to use, app development is structured also and will have standards to be followed so apps will function and operate in similar ways like the iPhone., so it’s not all bad but Windows Phone 7 Series has just done the biggest U turn in OS history, geeks need not apply, Microsoft is targeting a whole new Market!

Let’s hope it has enough good features to attract this new market and also stand alongside what Apple has to offer with their new hardware and software in the summer, I fear for the future of Windows Phone 7 Series, I really do, if you copy a winning formula you have to have something special to compete with the original, I just don’t see what they have here, apart from less features, sure Xbox integration is nice but how deep will that go really.

What do you think?

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No copy and paste on Windows Phone 7 Series

7 4

No, I am not joking. Yesterday at MIX 10 in a Q&A session Microsoft said that clipboard operations would not be supported in ‘7’.

Further to that, the guys at Engadget confirmed this with Microsoft and they said that copy & paste would definitely not be present.

There is a data-detection service built into the text-handling API that will recognize phone numbers and addresses, but Microsoft says most users, including Office users, don’t really need clipboard functionality.

I have never heard anything so stupid in all my life. I have used Windows Mobile for years, and now a BlackBerry, and I use copy/paste every single day. Not having this feature will affect a lot of professional people in my opinion. I know the iPhone didn’t have this originally but it also was one of the main things that iPhone customers wanted on there phones.

What’s next? A Smartphone that doesn’t make phone calls?!


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Android review: Tower Raiders GOLD


When it comes to strategy games it seems there is no shortage of tower defense games out there. Here, we will look at on of the more popular entries.

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Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus coming to O2

o2-logo We’ve spoken quite a bit about the Palm Pre here on the site. In general terms we love the operating system on the device, WebOS, but felt is was rather let down by lack-lustre hardware.

In the US Palm have had the Pre Plus on sale for quite some time along with the Pre’s little brother, the Pixi Plus.

Another anonymous tip was sent to me last night through our contact page on site, the sender says that O2 will be getting the Pre and Pixi Plus in the UK very soon. It’ll be interesting to see if the Pre Plus addresses any of our concerns over the quality of the original Pre’s hardware!

I’ve included the full message from our tipster below.


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Xperia X10 coming to Orange

x10 I think I have probably mentioned that I have been selected by Sony Ericsson to take part in their Xperia X10 research programme. As such I should be getting my hands on the X10 over the next few weeks, something that I am looking forward to playing with for sure!

Last night I has an email from a friend over at Orange letting me know that the Xperia X10 was now one of their ‘coming soon’ handsets and can now be seen on the Orange website. Furthermore the X10 will be available in both black and white versions on Orange.

More details after the jump.


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