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Android review: Tower Raiders GOLD


When it comes to strategy games it seems there is no shortage of tower defense games out there. Here, we will look at on of the more popular entries.


Upon loading you have a simple main menu. There is some atmospheric music and sounds overlaid to get you into the mood!


Under the options there are some non-standard selections. Both Recycling and Fast Forward options must be for lesser specced Android devices to help with a smoother experience. Oddly toggling them leads to less accurate guns, a statement that made me laugh.


At this point there are a whopping 24 levels in the campaign with an additional 3 bonus levels to choose from. That’s enough content for a few months of play at least.


Once a map has been selected the difficulty level needs to be set. You can only select harder levels upon completing the easier.


You can keep track of your progess on each map by the useful indicator to the right of the picture. Your statistics are easily laid out, Your Best Score rated in stars and on which level of difficulty it was at. There is also a handy indicator to let you know how many times you have attempted the map and the outcome, even if you quit the map mid-game.


Graphically, this is serviceable. Seen better, seen worse. The animation is smooth but the details are not smooth due to the landscape being angled. Whilst this does not interfere with the game play it just isn’t as pretty as other games on the market. That said the performance is so smooth that polishing the graphics might result in stuttering when the level becomes highly populated with Nasties.


There is a good variety of upgradable units and it doesn’t get too complicated. Everything has their own strengths and weaknesses. In the lower difficulties this isn’t as apparent, however as you climb the ranks you’ll notice that putting a canon on a particular spot will not assist in eliminating a wave of little black cars as it would having a mini gun.


The landscape is divided into three. Grass is a no go for anyone. Grey, studded tiles are for gun emplacements and the grey road is for the Meanies hellbent on steals your blue crystals.


Each gun can be altered after building. You can recycle one and claw back a little of the cost of building it or you can upgrade it twice to turn it into a powerhouse.


The menu button brings up some key functions. Pausing and play speeds are necessary in all Tower Defense games and the ability to zoom helps for some of the trickier placement of towers and managing them.


Since purchasing the games there have been two updates adding more content. Very pleasing to the end user.

The game reminds me of an older PC game, I believe has been released on the Xbox 360 recently, called Defense Grid. Whilst the similarities are not overly obvious the feel of the games remains the same. If you like Defense Grid then you’ll get some kicks out of this!

Tower Raiders Gold doesn’t do anything wrong and it provides a well balanced challenge. The graphics are not the prettiest and there are some issues with edge of the screen tower interaction that have bugged me on more than one occasion. Thankfully it’s receiving updates that make it better and better.

You can pick Tower Raiders GOLD up from the marketplace for $4.99. In addition there is a special version for the G1 and a Free trial. Tower Raiders BLACK has been released, doing away with some of the more unnecessary textures and making the game more of a nighty neon affair and therefore will run on pre 2.0 devices.


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