By March 17, 2010

Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus coming to O2

o2-logo We’ve spoken quite a bit about the Palm Pre here on the site. In general terms we love the operating system on the device, WebOS, but felt is was rather let down by lack-lustre hardware.

In the US Palm have had the Pre Plus on sale for quite some time along with the Pre’s little brother, the Pixi Plus.

Another anonymous tip was sent to me last night through our contact page on site, the sender says that O2 will be getting the Pre and Pixi Plus in the UK very soon. It’ll be interesting to see if the Pre Plus addresses any of our concerns over the quality of the original Pre’s hardware!

I’ve included the full message from our tipster below.


O2 are following up the Palm Pre with the Palm Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus. The Pixi is new to the UK having a fixed qwerty keyboard like the RIM devices it shares the 8Gb storage of the original Pre but with a shortened display of 320 x 400 dropping 80 lines from the Pre. The Pixi Processor is a Qualcomm instead if the Omap of the Pre, albeit running at the same clock speed. The Palm Pre Plus is like the original Pre but without the centre button and comes with the matt TouchStone enabled back previously having to be purchased separately allowing the wireless charging of the phone on the induction TouchStone charger.  The Pre Plus has 16Gb of storage and a double the ram also. The build quality is said to be better than the original Pre with the keyboard being much more responsive with a definite click. In tests it has been seen to run 50 apps at the same time. The expected launch date is April 2010 shortly after the App Catalogue comes out of Beta for European users allowing access for paid applications.


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