By March 17, 2010

No copy and paste on Windows Phone 7 Series

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No, I am not joking. Yesterday at MIX 10 in a Q&A session Microsoft said that clipboard operations would not be supported in ‘7’.

Further to that, the guys at Engadget confirmed this with Microsoft and they said that copy & paste would definitely not be present.

There is a data-detection service built into the text-handling API that will recognize phone numbers and addresses, but Microsoft says most users, including Office users, don’t really need clipboard functionality.

I have never heard anything so stupid in all my life. I have used Windows Mobile for years, and now a BlackBerry, and I use copy/paste every single day. Not having this feature will affect a lot of professional people in my opinion. I know the iPhone didn’t have this originally but it also was one of the main things that iPhone customers wanted on there phones.

What’s next? A Smartphone that doesn’t make phone calls?!


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