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Mobiletechaddicts Podcast 60

Web banner This week Andy, Gareth and Matt chat about Windows Phone 7 Series, Apple’s patent issue with HTC, the X10 Mini and Android’s ambition on all U.S. Android platforms.

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Pixel Mags brings several classy British magazines to iPhone

Germans make cars, France makes wines but what is UK actually exporting? Well, among others Brits are doing glossy magazines about various topics that are well read in USA and continental Europe! The good news is that Pixel Mags brings several classy glossy British magazines to iPhone! Among them our favorite gamesTM:

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Apple suing HTC?

apple-htc_4 You may have seen the news today that Apple have issued a press release today announcing that they have filed a lawsuit against HTC for alleged patent infringement. The press release goes on to state that 20 patents related to the iPhones user interface, underlying architecture and hardware have been infringed.

These kind of allegations are not uncommon in the mobile industry however I have just received the following official statement from HTC regarding the issue:


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Apple Sues HTC for Patent Infringement

Apple® today filed a lawsuit against HTC for infringing on 20 Apple patents related to the iPhone’s user interface, underlying architecture and hardware. The lawsuit was filed concurrently with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) and in U.S. District Court in Delaware.

"We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it. We’ve decided to do something about it," said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. "We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours."

Apple reinvented the mobile phone in 2007 with its revolutionary iPhone®, and did it again in 2008 with its pioneering App Store, which now offers more than 150,000 mobile applications in over 90 countries. Over 40 million iPhones have been sold worldwide.

Source Apple

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Dell Inspiron 11z Review

inspiron_11z_open The line between laptop and ‘netbook’ has been blurring for a while now and the Dell Inspiron 11z sits firmly in the middle ground of the two and could be argued to be either.

Extending the Dell range that started with the Mini 9, then the Mini 10 and 10V, the 11z shares it’s predecessors styling but then instead of it’s smaller brothers Atom processor they crammed in an Intel® Pentium® Dual Core Processor ULV SU4100 and, as the name suggests, the screen size is bumped up to an 11.6" 1366 x 768 HD TLF WLED screen.

This little machine promises to pack a punch above it’s light weight.

Does it have what it takes to lift it from the rest of the pack?

Let’s see…


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Windows Phone Starter Edition

windows_mobile_6_5 So that well matured Operating System that so many people over the years have had such a love/hate relationship with is reduced to being called a Starter Edition. One can’t help but think that this is a market plan to help beef up the 7 Series edition, which you would expect so much more out of, as we all know that Windows 7 Starter Edition is the simplistic version designed for the lesser platform. Windows Mobile 6.5.3 has finally reached a new stage of stability and customisation and it seems completely derogatory to the OS, and also the user, to now label it a Starter Edition.

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Pre order the HTC HD mini, Desire and Legend now!

devices I have just received an email from to let us know that the three recent announced handsets from HTC are all now available to pre order and have an expected delivery date of April 12th. Much sooner than we expected to be honest.

We are looking forward to getting our hands on these new bad-boys for review and hope to have something for you within the next couple of weeks.

Expect these handsets to be in high demand so definitely worth pre-ordering if you want to make sure that you’ll get yours on release day. Typically the first shipments of new handsets is fairly small.


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Warning – Sony PlayStation 3 Bug

sony_playstation_3 I know we don’t normally discuss game consoles by I thought that this may be important for some of you.

Sony PlayStation have issued a detailed statement warning PlayStation 3 users not to turn on their consoles. This is due to a bug and is affecting people using the older versions of the PlayStation 3, called the "Fat" model. It seems the PS3 ‘Slims’ are fine.


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