By March 2, 2010

Pixel Mags brings several classy British magazines to iPhone

Germans make cars, France makes wines but what is UK actually exporting? Well, among others Brits are doing glossy magazines about various topics that are well read in USA and continental Europe! The good news is that Pixel Mags brings several classy glossy British magazines to iPhone! Among them our favorite gamesTM:

Here is how it can be used:

When you buy app you get latest issue free, but you can buy longer-time subscriptions too as well as individual issues from the past:

The issue is being download similarly like songs or podcasts but not via iTunes but via given Pixel Mags app:

Conclusion: obviously reading glossy magazine in paper form cannot be replaced by reading small display of iPhone, but once iPad and iPhone 4G with higher resolution will be released, who knows: maybe reading experience will be even better than in paper form. Anyway it is great way to get magazines cheaper than paper form and you can carry then magazine with you around to read whenever you want. What do you think: you still prefer paper form or you will love electronic form of glossy magazines?

To find magazine of interest to you – and there are many, even smartphone essentials, Science Fiction Now, Photographers, etc – click on the big gray button link below and be sure to scroll to next pages…

Get it here:

* * * * *

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