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O2 revamping their tarrifs, but is there value?


O2 has updated their tarrifs with a bit of a revamp that looks set to see some folks worse off in the long run. In a press release today, O2 announced their Sim only plans for the iPhone however there is much more going on behind the scenes.

O2 will launch a two-year Apple iPhone tariff for £25 per month. The tariff will include 100 minutes and unlimited texts. Handset costs are currently unknown. The iPhone is also expected to be made available with its Simplicity SIM-only tariffs for the first time, with the device available at full price.

However, O2 will drop its free unlimited bolt-on deal, previously available £35 per month or above deals. All O2 tariffs will now include unlimited texts only instead of other little perks like on-network calls, internet, weekend calls, texts and wi-fi. Their text bundles will also loose any picture message bundles. Voicemails will now be  charged at a rate of 10p per minute if outside of their minute bundle.

BlackBerry and other data centric devices will be hardest hit, as customers will be required to pay £7.50 for BlackBerry data or £5 for standard data. Little incentives and promotions to new customers including up to eight months free line rental on selected tariffs and handsets will be introduced.

They will launch its first unlimited calls and text deal for consumers. Costs will range from £45 per month on a 12 month Simplicity deal to £65 per month on an 18 month deal. Read on for the full press release:

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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ review

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ review Can the SanDisk Sansa Clip+ really compete with the bigger manufacturers such as Apple with their iPod range?

This is the next in a line of smaller MP3 players created by SanDisk; this is an updated version of the previous version which was the Sansa Clip.

SanDisk as a company have been producing various types of memory product for many years and are synonymous with memory cards and USB storage devices. Ever since their first attempt at an MP3 player they have improved on design and quality and here at we’ve reviewed every model in the Sansa range in the past and have been generally impressed with what they have to offer and their value for money. Each new model and version has provided more features and has been a light improvement over the previous.

So does the Clip+ continue this tradition or can it no longer compete? Read on to find out.