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T-Mobile confirm HTC Desire date

Desire-Brown_3-4_Right In a Tweet just a short while ago T-Mobile confirmed the availability of the HTC Desire on their network. The date you can get the Desire from T-Mobile is the 26th March. Not sure if it can be pre-ordered yet but if you need to get your hands on one it might be with making enquiries with T-Mobile!

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Check out our HTC Desire coverage.


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Toshiba TG01 price hitting rock bottom?


It’s only £149.00 on payg!

That’s what I found when I popped into my local Orange Retail store yesterday. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

The device sports a 4.1 inch screen and a Snapdragon 1GHz processor and for that reason I was going to buy one but unfortunately the store did not have the TG01 in stock.

Why is it so cheap all of a sudden? I don’t know officially why but I would guess that they have limited stock left and that Orange are trying to sell them rather than being stuck with them.

At under £150 the Toshiba TG01 is a bargain and if you want one I suggest giving your local Orange store a call. I would be quick about it though!

You can read our review of the TG01 here.


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eXpansys Friday deals 26th February



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