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Microsoft WP7 Interview

wp7-logo_6 I think that quite a few of you will have been following our interview with Microsoft’s Alex Reeve, Director of Mobile Business Group in the UK. We spoke with Alex live via Twitter earlier today and asked him some of our own questions as well as some from our followers and forum members.

We had half an hour of Alex’s time during which we managed to ask about 10 Windows Phone 7 Series related questions. Alex then opened the questions up to those that had been following along throughout the interview.

You can find the full interview conversation listed below. There were of course many other questions that we just didn’t get time for so we’ll be sending these to Alex later and hope that he might be able to come back with some more answers.

I welcome your feedback to the questions and answers below!


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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 59

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Mobile World Congress 2010 has come and gone. James and Gareth visited Barcelona to see what was new and exciting. This week Matt and Andy chat with James and Gareth about all the latest news and exciting revelations Mobile World Congress 2010 had to offer. New phones, news operating systems, updates and disappointments.

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Palm Pre Review


The Palm Pre has been around now for five or six months but unfortunately it has taken us that long to get hold of a review unit! 

Praise the Lord that I eventually made contact with a lovely lady at Palm and within a couple of days our review unit was on its way.

Most of us know that Palm has been struggling a bit over the past couple of years and with the release of the Pre and the Pixi (in the USA) and subsequently the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, it’s really crunch time for them. Of course it’s not just a new phone for Palm but also a brand new operating system; WebOS.

Sales have not been great for the Palm Pre, particularly in Ireland where rumour has it that they have sold a mere 200 units up to December 2009!

So where are Palm going wrong, if anywhere?

Read on to find out my opinion of the Palm Pre…


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