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Unlock 3 MiFi for other networks

image Another discovery that I have made is the ability to now unlock your 3 MiFi for use on other networks, this solution is not free unfortunately but I have done it and it works perfectly.

As 3 are the only UK network currently offering a MiFi solution, this could be of interest to lots of people as you can but it on pay as you go and unlock it.

The site I used was DC Unlocker, you download a small program and run it and it tells you if your MiFi is unlocked, if it’s not you can buy credits which cost me 15 Euro and unlock it there and then, it worked fine and I am now using it with my company supplied O2 broadband contract.

I have also been told that if you ask 3 themselves they will unlock it for you for £15.00 and this will not void your warranty.

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Unleash your 3 MiFi with a firmware flash

image I have been using a 3 MiFi which I find to be an excellent product and one that is a brilliant backup for home broadband should yours fail as well as being a great tool while your out and about, one of it’s major faults was that the WiFi would shut off after a short period of inactivity and you have to physically hold the WiFi button in to get it to fire up again, well there is some good news.

I have found a firmware update for the MiFi, it’s not an official 3 firmware but it works a treat and opens up some hidden settings one of which is the WiFi sleep option.

On top of that you can also now access the settings over WiFi via IP address which for some reason 3 decided to block.

You an download the update here but make sure to follow the instructions here to avoid any unforeseen update problems.

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Devicewire – Live Chat have a fantastic new service on their website – Live Chat.Gráfico1

As from now, if you visit devicewire you will notice the words Live Chat at the top right of the page, in red. Give it a click and you will be connected to to them over the internet and can ask them whatever it is you need to know. Its very similar to using Windows Live Messenger or even Facebook Chat. What a great idea!

We mentioned last week a few changes including a free phone number but this Live Chat really makes life easier for customers with a query.

And it works. I just tried it out and Tom was online to help with a couple of seconds. I’m sure he thought I was bonkers as I said I was just testing!


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Motorola Milestone (Droid) USB host mode

cable You may have seen our Motorola Milestone review a little while, if so you’ll know that we were pretty impressed with the handset, certainly the best QWERTY keyboarded Android device out there at the moment in our opinion.

So how would you like to enable USB-Host mode on your Motorola Milestone (aka Motorola Droid)? Having a hunt around the web a few days ago I discovered that a clever chap, Chris Paget, has come up with a way to use USB storage devices on the Milestone. It’s a bit of a hack, you’ll have to make your own USB cable and ‘dongle’ in order to do it but if you head over to Chris’s website you’ll find full instructions on how to do it!

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Rumours of a new HTC device starting to surface, Tweets from two different people this morning mentioning the HTC HD Mini. Very little information about the rumoured handset but I wonder is this may actually be the ‘new’ name for the device we believed to be the HTC Diamond3.

We assume that it’ll have atleast a HVGA display and guess that it’ll have a screen of between 3″ and 3.5″. Will it be Windows Mobile or Android? Again, we assume WinMo to fall in line the other HD branded models but who knows!

If anyone knows more we’d be happy to hear from you. We’ll be sure to get back to you when we find out more!


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Warner Music To Pull Out Of Free Music Streaming

music_2 Do you use Spotify, We7 or Last FM? Well you may see a drop in the number of available tunes to listen to as Warner Music Group have said they will stop licensing its songs to free music streaming services.

Warner Music Group are one of the 4 major music labels and its artists include the likes of Staind, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hard Fi, Michael Buble, The Enemy, REM, and Wilco – to name just a few.


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