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iPhone 3G S outsells iPhone 3G on launch day, according to O2

image O2 are claiming that the iPhone 3G S is outselling the iPhone 3G on launch day which we find a little hard to believe due to the high price and lack of a decent upgrade option from O2 for current iPhone 3G subscribers. The lines and interest do not seem to match the frenzy that we saw last year but that could be down to more stock being available or a lot more buyers deciding to do their business online this year, who knows, but the Carphone Warehouse are totally out of stock online.

The full press release from O2 is after the break giving all the spin facts.

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Stephen Fry reviews the iPhone 3G S

image Stephen Fry has penned a very interesting review of the iPhone 3G S Stephen is very much a smartphone fan and he sums up the iPhone 3G S as the M Series BMW of smartphones:-

In short, the iPhone 3GS is triumphantly the product of a company at the absolute top of their game. If it were a BMW it would badged as the ‘M’ version – the same but with added poke and better spec. Power and performance can be considered a luxury until you try them and realise how much more functionality, ease of use and productivity they can deliver. Cost is a whole other issue: if you already have an iPhone 3G you may find an upgrade expensive. Could be worth waiting to see what deals emerge over the next month or so. The more people who do wait, the more pressure there will be on O2 to lower prices.

You can read the full review at Stephen Fry’s blog

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iPhone 3GS my story and first impressions

IMG_0172 Yes I know I said I wasn’t going to get one after the debacle of O2 upgrades and the high pricing, but look I am a geek ok, it knawed away at me day and night until I could resist no more. I ebayed my iPhone 3G and posted it off with a tearful fairwell yesterday morning.

I put the SIM card in a Windows Mobile device and have used it for the last 24 hours, it was hard work, believe me.

Carphone Warehouse told me on Thursday that they would be selling the iPhone 3GS on Pay as you go, ie no contract commitment from 9.02am on Friday morning so that was my plan.

This morning I set off for the Carphone Warehouse Kingston Park near Newcastle and arrived at 8.32am and there was no one standing in line, last year I was there at 6.30am and was no4 so all was looking good. At 9.00am they opened the doors and Emma informed me that Carphone Warehouse would not be offering a Pay as you go iPhone 3GS for a few weeks. I was sick, and boy did she know it :), I hot footed it down to Team Valley O2 store and found a huge queue, mission aborted.

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Nokia N97 arrives in stock

For those of you waiting for the Nokia N97 eXpansys just dropped me an email to let me know that the highly anticipated Nokia N97 is now in stock at They also have an exclusive offer on the Nokia N97. If you buy your Nokia N97 from them we will give you £30 of eXpansys vouchers to spend on Nokia N97 accessories.

image Now in stock at £499.99







High quality images, at the touch of a button with the Nokia N97. Use the 5 mega-pixel camera to capture special moments as they happen. A Carl Ziess lens, auto-focus and flash makes sure your images are always captured perfectly. DVD quality video capture even lets you record home movies.

Share your thoughts with the world and the Nokia N97. Built in support for sharing sites lets you stay in touch with friends instantly, while media support lets you upload and see your shared media, from videos, photographs and sound clips.

The 32GB of on board memory and microSDHC memory card slot lets you carry a wealth of media in your hand. From entire seasons of shows, to hours of music and thousands of photographs, have them all available at any time.


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eXpansys Friday deals 19th June

These offers are only available through the links below which are active between 11am and 4pm UK time on Friday the 19th of June*. Normal pricing will precede this time and resume at 4pm on Friday.

image BenQ E72 £20 Cash Back Offer
Usual price £99.99, price with cash back £79.99





Friday Deals
image Data Robotics Drobo 4 Bay with FREE Drobo Share
Normally £414.99 Now £389.99 Save £25




image Glofiish M810 Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone
Normally £214.99 Now £169.99 Save £45




image ASUS P320 Windows Smartphone Includes FREE Car Kit
Normally £182.99 Now £167.99 Save £15




image Nokia 7610 Supernova Slider Phone
Normally £159.99, Now £144.99, Save £15




image Flip Video MinoHD Chrome 4GB Camcorder
Normally £164.99, Now £139.99, Save £25




image GlobalSat BU-353 WaterProof USB GPS Receiver
Normally £33.99 Now £23.99 Save £10




*Voucher codes do not apply with these deals. Limited to 2 units per customer, available while stocks last.
Prices and availability subject to change, website price and availability always applies.


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Mapee Lite (for iPhone OS 3.0 with Maps) released

Ability to embed Google Maps within apps is new to iPhone OS 3.0 so this app is one of the first in the app store that are especially designed for iPhone OS 3.0 -upgraded devices and for iPhone 3GS!

Here is how this app looks like:

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