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iPhone 3GS my story and first impressions

IMG_0172 Yes I know I said I wasn’t going to get one after the debacle of O2 upgrades and the high pricing, but look I am a geek ok, it knawed away at me day and night until I could resist no more. I ebayed my iPhone 3G and posted it off with a tearful fairwell yesterday morning.

I put the SIM card in a Windows Mobile device and have used it for the last 24 hours, it was hard work, believe me.

Carphone Warehouse told me on Thursday that they would be selling the iPhone 3GS on Pay as you go, ie no contract commitment from 9.02am on Friday morning so that was my plan.

This morning I set off for the Carphone Warehouse Kingston Park near Newcastle and arrived at 8.32am and there was no one standing in line, last year I was there at 6.30am and was no4 so all was looking good. At 9.00am they opened the doors and Emma informed me that Carphone Warehouse would not be offering a Pay as you go iPhone 3GS for a few weeks. I was sick, and boy did she know it :), I hot footed it down to Team Valley O2 store and found a huge queue, mission aborted.

The rest of the day I has appointments so had to put the disappointment to the back of my mind and get on with work. Later in the afternoon I called back to Team Valley and went in expecting them to tell me they had no stock but yes, they had one black 32 Gig iPhone 3GS available on pay as you go, and I got it.

First impressions of the iPhone 3GS are that it is blazingly fast, much much faster than the iPhone 3G, application switching and within applications is super smooth and snappy.

The camera works really well and you can now take successful pictures of text like newspapers etc and they are clear, video recording seems good but not as good as my Kodak Zi6 but I wouldn’t expect it to be.

IMG_0169 IMG_0174

Voice recording was not very successful for me but I do have a strong Northern English accent as those of you know who listen to our podcast.

So far, very impressed, full review to follow after a few days of use.

Did you get one? Let us know in the comments.

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