By June 19, 2009

Mapee Lite (for iPhone OS 3.0 with Maps) released

Ability to embed Google Maps within apps is new to iPhone OS 3.0 so this app is one of the first in the app store that are especially designed for iPhone OS 3.0 -upgraded devices and for iPhone 3GS!

Here is how this app looks like:


Description from the vendor:
This application shows your Twitter friends on a map. You can see where on earth your twitter friends are. You can also drill down and explore the location of your friends’ friends. The application requires a twitter account and the new iPhone OS 3.0. Note: This Lite version is limited to 10 friends on the map.

The lite version is very limited (only 10 friends) but it shows the potential of map-enabled apps! Not all Twitter users disclose their location too, so this coverage might be incomplete but if you would like to know who out of your twitter followers is in vicinity – it may come in handy!

Get it here (FREE).

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