By June 19, 2009

Stephen Fry reviews the iPhone 3G S

image Stephen Fry has penned a very interesting review of the iPhone 3G S Stephen is very much a smartphone fan and he sums up the iPhone 3G S as the M Series BMW of smartphones:-

In short, the iPhone 3GS is triumphantly the product of a company at the absolute top of their game. If it were a BMW it would badged as the ‘M’ version – the same but with added poke and better spec. Power and performance can be considered a luxury until you try them and realise how much more functionality, ease of use and productivity they can deliver. Cost is a whole other issue: if you already have an iPhone 3G you may find an upgrade expensive. Could be worth waiting to see what deals emerge over the next month or so. The more people who do wait, the more pressure there will be on O2 to lower prices.

You can read the full review at Stephen Fry’s blog

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