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iRobot for iPhone released – Artificial Intelligence arrived to iPhone!

Not only iRobot has smart alec attitude to the questions that you ask his robotic highness, but it also reminds you that in future the world will be overtaken by robots:

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iRevolver Free for iPhone released

image Since iPhone has capacitive display it is easy to make apps that simulate reality. Such games on resistive touch-screen displays would be impossible practically because you would press something and then wait long time for answer that would never come.

Most apps that simulate some stuff are vanity apps for fun. We can’t imagine that this revolver app can be used for any useful purpose, but you can play Russian roulette with it and you can just show it off (but be careful that policeman could pull real gun in reaction!).

Here is how this app looks like (note: it is free so sometimes it is displaying banners from AdMob):

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11.6 Percent Of European Broadband Connections Are Mobile


MocoNews have a little article regarding the usage ratio of mobile and fixed line broadband usage. There are some quite interesting figures as the take up of mobile broadband seems to be steadily rising. My interest lies solely in the fact that whilst fixed line is ever so popular there are many areas, especially in the UK that lack any decent broadband service. Mobile broadband is a much more viable option however there are even bigger holes and pathetic service provided around the edges. Read on for the article.

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Decent HDMI cables don’t have to cost the earth

Let’s face it; if you are reading this post the chances are you’ll understand that the love of technology can get expensive. Now, I can justify spending close to £3,000 on a new plasma TV , but spending over £100 for a HDMI cable? Now that just seems wrong! That is why I am glad I found a US based company called Optimization-world.

Now I know that some of you reading will own very high-end home-theatre kit and will be thinking that I should spend plenty on the cables and interconnects that I use. However for the average consumer £20 is about as much as they are going to want to spend.

Need HDMI Cables? Then look no further. Optimization-world is an inexpensive, high quality and customer service oriented company. They also receive their HDMI rating from the same North American plant as monster cables. Same quality cable, way different price (£75 vs. £9) and in this case, a different price is a really good thing. So if you are looking to save money, without sacrificing quality, check out Optimised Cable Company.

I bought a set of HDMI cables from these guys and I’m impressed with the price and the quality.


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