By May 31, 2009

iRobot for iPhone released – Artificial Intelligence arrived to iPhone!

Not only iRobot has smart alec attitude to the questions that you ask his robotic highness, but it also reminds you that in future the world will be overtaken by robots:

Creator of iRobot writes:

No one around to talk with? No problem, you can just talk with iRobot, he’s always up for a chit chat. iRobot is an experimental artificial intelligence written in AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), he responds back to you intelligently based on your input, and what is even more cool is, that he gets smarter the more you speak with him. iRobot requires an internet connection, either WiFi, 3G or EDGE.

Commentary: there are over 45,000 apps in app store now… so even the craziest ideas and dreams are being realized as iPhone apps. While iRobot still sucks and it sends your questions to the Internet (what about some privacy between and your robot, heh?), it is a good beginning.

Get it here (price: one buck)

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