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iRevolver Free for iPhone released

image Since iPhone has capacitive display it is easy to make apps that simulate reality. Such games on resistive touch-screen displays would be impossible practically because you would press something and then wait long time for answer that would never come.

Most apps that simulate some stuff are vanity apps for fun. We can’t imagine that this revolver app can be used for any useful purpose, but you can play Russian roulette with it and you can just show it off (but be careful that policeman could pull real gun in reaction!).

Here is how this app looks like (note: it is free so sometimes it is displaying banners from AdMob):

Here is how it can be used:

More info from the developer:

iRevlover is a first real revolver simulator. You can use touch and acceleration feature of your iPhone or iPod touch to charge, spin and fire gun. It should be used for "RUSSIAN ROULETTE Game" or quick firing game with your friends.


– Realistic Revolver Simulation
– Open/Close Cylinder
– Charging Bullets
– Spinning Cylinder
– Hammer Ready State

Note that Apple has rejected this app initially because it had "Broken Window Effect" and developer commented on it this way: "Sorry. This feature temporary disabled because of Apple’s application UI policy". In other words: apps that simulate physical damage of the iPhone – are not allowed.

Probably it is not a good idea to give this app to children as that might encourage them to own guns in future…

Conclusion: iRevolver Free is yet another "simulator of some real stuff" app for iPhone. There are plenty of apps of this kind for iPhone – including simulators of beer drinking, etc. and while it is difficult to be innovative in this category… some of these apps earned a lot of money so it is up to finding some interesting idea and generating buzz around it.

Get it here (FREE).

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