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HTC TV advert caught on video

image We caught HTC’s first ever advert tonight and managed to capture it and we have it after the break. The HTC Diamond2 was the phone featured in the video and again the advertising was linked with The Carphone Warehouse similar to what we have seen in shopping centres recently. Anyway you can see for yourself as we have the video right after the break.

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First ever HTC UK television commercial on tonight

image001 Tonight at 8.56PM (GMT), HTC will air their first ever television advert on Film4 in the UK. The commercial forms part of a six month campaign on Film4 to showcase their new devices including the Diamond2 and to boost HTC awareness.

We asked HTC a while ago about any plans to advertise on UK TV and they didn’t have any then, maybe they took our advice.

So check out Film4 tonight at 8.56pm (GMT) for the first ever HTC advert, if you miss it we will try and capture it one way or another so stay tuned.

Thanks to Clove for the heads up.

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First HTC TV advert

It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that the average Joe would have no idea who HTC are and what they manufactured, but HTC have done a sterling job of getting their name out there and in a very short time indeed have established themselves as a big name in mobile.

Tonight they are set to take the next step to making themselves a household name as they air their first TV commercial on UK Televisions Film4.

So take your seats and tune in to Film4 tonight at 8:56PM to see the commercial.

The commercial forms part of a six month campaign on Film4 to showcase the new devices including the Diamond2 and to boost HTC awareness.

So check out Film4 tonight at 8.56pm (GMT) for the first ever HTC advert.


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TwitterFon Pro for iPhone released with landscape twittering !

Do you want to do it vertically or horizontally? We like to have a choice but unfortunately by now existing Twitter clients did not have orientation switching, what is slightly annoying as iPhone features accelerometer.

By now the situation among Twitter clients for iPhone looked like this:

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HTC Hero’s Android firmware caught on video

image A 17 year old Android Hacker known as Haykuro has got his hands on the firmware for the HTC Hero and ported it over to a HTC G1.  There are a few enhancements even to the just released Cupcake update namely the calendar, dialler, and music player. There’s also the addition of some social networking clients like Twitter and Facebook. Take a look at the video after the break.

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UK mobile developers needed by Vodafone

image Vodafone Mobile Clicks is an international, high profile contest for the best mobile internet start-up. The best mobile internet startup is selected by a professional jury in three different jury rounds.
The main reason for the existence of Vodafone Mobile Clicks is to accelerate the innovation in the mobile internet sector in the UK and the Netherlands.
After last years success in the Netherlands, this years’ event will be extended with the start-ups and presence of the UK. Additionally, they have raised the prize money from 100.000 euros up to 150.000 euros! You can imagine that all the ingredients above will result in a memorable and international mobile experience for all people involved. UK contestants can still join in till May 22nd (UK)!

"As a judge for this year’s Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition, I’m very excited at the prospect of seeing what Britain’s talented mobile internet developers have to offer," said Helen Keegan, a specialist in mobile marketing, advertising and media, who heads Beep Marketing and pens the blog Technokitten. "It’s a great opportunity for developers and folks with good ideas for mobile internet applications to win the cash to deliver and develop those ideas further. The entry criteria are straightforward and as long as you’re over 18, resident in the UK or Netherlands and are in a start-up or are planning to form a start-up with your idea then you pretty much qualify to enter."

More information in the press release here.


Vodafone Mobile Clicks is a close cooperation between Mobile Monday Amsterdam, Mobile Monday London, Vodafone NL, Vodafone UK, PICNIC and Trend8.

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Windows Marketplace to allow application sharing for up to five devices

image Microsoft Corp. plans to let customers of its upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile run purchased apps on as many as five Windows Mobile phones at the same time.

This would primarily benefit individuals owning multiple smartphones running the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, which is needed to access Microsoft’s online store.

But it could also allow users to share apps by "authorizing" the phones of close friends and family using the same generation of Windows Mobile phone, said Daniel Bouie, a senior product planner for Microsoft, during a talk last week at the software maker’s Tech Ed conference.

Marketplace customers will also be able to get a no-questions-asked refund on an application provided it is within 24 hours of purchase, Bouie said.

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HP iPAQ Voice and Data Messenger ROM updates

You may recall that we reviewed the HP iPAQ Voice Messenger and HP iPAQ Data Messenger a few months ago and while we were not overly impressed with them we did think it likely that they would become popular with a certain breed of business users.

image image

The HP iPAQ Voice Messenger and iPAQ Data Messenger


A few days ago HP released a series of update for their messenger handsets.The Voice Messenger receives a series of patches and updates while the Data Messenger gets a whole new ROM to address the following:



  • Improves modem code to optimize power consumption.
  • Updates to Key Guard v2.3.6.40.
  • Updates to HP Photosmart Mobile (


  • Fixes the GPS status indication where GPS status is "GPS is disabled" when GPS service is running.
  • Fixes the issue for PIN2/PUK2 display problem.


The Data Messenger update will wipe everything from your device so make sure that you back everything up and while the Voice Messenger updates are patches rather than a full ROM build it’s still probably a good idea to back up your data before applying them.

You’ll see full information about the updates on the product pages following the links above.


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New iPhone to support background apps?

apple-2009-iphone-3-1216-rm We’ve heard a lot already about the new iPhone. 32GB storage, built-in magnetometer/compass, WiFi 802.11n connectivity, and an iMovie app are just some of the good stuff that’s rumoured to be part of the latest iteration of the iPhone, and apart from those already interesting inclusions, it’s also possible that background app support will be included as well. Well, actually it’s still not definite yet, but word is that they’re thinking about it. It was expected it be available in iPhone OS 3.0, but unfortunately, to everyone’s dismay, it wasn’t.

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