By May 18, 2009

New iPhone to support background apps?

apple-2009-iphone-3-1216-rm We’ve heard a lot already about the new iPhone. 32GB storage, built-in magnetometer/compass, WiFi 802.11n connectivity, and an iMovie app are just some of the good stuff that’s rumoured to be part of the latest iteration of the iPhone, and apart from those already interesting inclusions, it’s also possible that background app support will be included as well. Well, actually it’s still not definite yet, but word is that they’re thinking about it. It was expected it be available in iPhone OS 3.0, but unfortunately, to everyone’s dismay, it wasn’t.

Now, several sources are reporting that Apple is mulling the idea of including background app support in the new iPhone. With a more capable processor and hardware, it’s hard to make excuses this time around, but knowing Apple, they’ll always find a reason to shut down an idea just as long as they see the need to. On the upside though, it’s never really a closed issue when it comes to Apple, and they have been known to backtrack on their word on several occasions so anything’s actually possible at this point in time. We can always expect the worst, but let’s not forget to hope for the best.

[PMP today via engadget]

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