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Acer’s DX650 double-sided Windows Mobile

We’ve seen some double-sided phones before, there’s been the odd Samsung music that’s had phone controls on one side and phone controls on the other but I’m pretty sure I’d be right in saying that this is the first double-sided Windows Mobile.

So you’d probably be forgiven for thinking that the pictures below are of two different handsets but in fact the are of the front and the, erm, other front of the Acer DX650.


I suppose it’s an interesting idea but I’d have thought if you were going to the effort of making a two-sided phone it would be at least worth putting a compact QWERTY on one side?!


Acer DX650 Specification:

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
  • 32bit Samsung S3C6410, 533MHz CPU
  • 128MiB RAM, 256MiB ROM
  • 2.8" 240×320 color transflective
  • TFT LCD sec. display
  • Audio jack
  • GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900
  • microSD, microSDHC
  • mini-USB port
  • Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
  • WLAN 802.11b/g
  • GPS, A-GPS
  • FM radio
  • Built-in numeric phone keypad
  • Scroll wheel
  • 1.9MP camera


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[Image courtesy of MoDaCo]

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HP iPAQ Voice Messenger review

HP iPAQ Voice Messenger review HP have always been a big name in Windows Mobile Smartphone’s, the first Pocket PC Phone device I owned was an HP 6315 so they have plenty of knowledge in this area. This is the first review of the two new devices released by HP, the Voice Messenger here and soon Gareth will be doing a review of the Data Messenger. Read on for the review of this Windows Mobile Standard device.

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Start Your Windows Phone


Microsoft have a little ad knocking about at the moment that manages to actually generate a little excitement for it’s upcoming 6.5 update and the 7th incarnation due to be swinging in sometime before 2014. The video doesn’t reveal too much of the operating system (aside from the text being aligned to the left) but it’s punchy and fun, hopefully like the new OS will be. Video is after the break.

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O2 to reduce iPhone 3G pricing in May

image O2 is poised to tweak prices on the iPhone 3G in May, ahead of what is believed to be a new model iPhone in June or, most likely, July, Mobile Today are reporting.
The 3G iPhone will be free on its £35 and £45 per month tariffs from May. The 16GB version is currently only free on the £75 per month contract, while the 8GB handset is free only on the £75 and £45 per month deals.
Customers currently spend between £59 and £159 for an iPhone on the £35 and £45 monthly tariffs.

O2 is believed to be keen to clear its inventory of the iPhone 3G’s ahead of the new device which is similar to events last year leading up to the iPhone 3G announcement by Apple. Now all that remains to be seen is what device or devices Apple will bring us if any.

They have an event planned on the 17th March to show a preview of the 3.0 firmware for the iPhone and a new SDK(Software Development Kit) so it must be a reasonably big change a) for an official announcement and b) to require a new SDK.

Maybe Apple also plan to announce a new model or models at the same time and with competition growing especially from the Palm Pre the time is right for a refresh.

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Windows Mobile 7 “not just a me-too iPhone”

image An advert has been posted by Microsoft for a Principal Development Manager on the Windows Mobile 7 team and this is what Microsoft are looking for:-

Do you have a passion for the mobile space? Enjoy big challenges, working with and learning from a high-performance team? Do you want to be part of driving the next big business for the company?

Windows Mobile 7 will change the way you view your phone. We aren’t just building a me-too iPhone or RIM competitor; we’re changing the way customers use and experience their device. In the OS Platform team we are responsible for the OS, file systems, security, hardware platforms and drivers, networking & connectivity, location framework and updateability. In other words, we build the foundation upon which the rest of Windows Mobile is built.
As Development Manager for the Core System, you will have both ICs and Leads reporting to you, with a team of approximately 20 developers. As part of a matrix style organization, you will work closely in a triad with your PM and test counterparts. Specific areas of ownership include the kernel, file systems, security, loader, and device management.

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