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Palm Pre coming to O2 ?

image Numerous Spanish media outlets are reporting today that Telefónica’s Movistar will exclusively offer the Palm Pre in Spain, UK and Latin America. The Spanish newspaper Expansion reports (Translated) that Telefónica will offer the Pre in Spain "before summer."
In addition, the paper also reports that Telefónica’s subsidiary brand O2, will exclusively market the Pre in the UK, beating out its rival Vodafone. Movistar will also have the exclusive on the Palm Pre in many Latin American counties.
A GSM version of the Palm Pre is in the works and was recently spotted at the 2009 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. At that time the Pre’s in use at MWC were seen running on the Vodafone network, however Palm refused to talk about any specific carrier deals during the show.

It’s unclear at this point if the "before summer" timeframe given in the source article is an artefact of translation or simply a rumour. Palm has yet to issue an official statement, however numerous sources and articles have been published in the Spanish media.

If this turns out to be the case it will be a major coup for O2 in the UK to sell the iPhone alongside the Palm Pre, what a killer device line up.

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Paid for Android Apps coming to UK tomorrow

image T-Mobile has let slip that paid-for applications will be debuting on the Android Market tomorrow. Speaking at an Android developers forum in London, Regan Whitehead from T-Mobile confirmed that paid-for apps will be coming very shortly. "From tomorrow, UK customers will have paid apps on the phone, and there’ll be a wide selection of paid apps on the market," says Whitehead, according to Pocketgamer.

The spokesperson also pointed out that developers will be getting 70 per cent of the revenue, with the mobile operator, in this case T-Mobile, getting the remaining 30 per cent.

T-Mobile’s Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet and Entertainment, also confirmed that not only is the company now promoting Guitar Hero: World Tour for the G1, but that T-Mobile will launch tablet and UMPC-style devices in the future.

via Techradar

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Windows Marketplace for Mobile Developer Strategy

image Familiar tools, large worldwide customer base and transparent policies allow mobile developers to innovate and generate new revenue opportunities with Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Microsoft Corp. today announced new details about how developers can build and sell applications for Windows® phones through Windows Marketplace for Mobile, the recently announced application marketplace available with the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. In its commitment to helping developers create new and exciting applications, Microsoft will provide developers with 70 percent of the sales revenue of their applications from Windows Marketplace for Mobile, transparency throughout the certification process, and guidance and support from the stage of development to the final sale to the consumer. Developers can get the tools to begin developing for Windows® phones at More after the break with a video from Microsoft.

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REDFLY Finalist for 2009 Andrew Seybold Choice Award

We’ve spoken about the Celio Redfly Mobile Companion a fair bit recently after we reviewed the product last year. Last month Memphis Police department announced that they just deployed 1,200 of the Redfly units as an alternative to in-car laptops.

Today more great news for Celio as the REDFLY Mobile Companion has just been named finalist for 2009 Andrew Seybold Choice Award.

Celio Corp today announced that its flagship product, the REDFLY Mobile  Companion, has been named a finalist for the 2009 Andrew Seybold Choice  Awards in the category of Most Innovative Mobile Service. The category  winner will be named April 1, 2009, at the 19th Annual Andrew Seybold  Wireless Dinner at CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We’re honored that the REDFLY Mobile Companion has been named as a  finalist for such a prestigious award by a wireless industry veteran  with credentials like Andrew Seybold,” said Kirt Bailey, president and  CEO of Celio Corp. “Andrew’s influence in the mobile and wireless  industries runs deep, and his acknowledgement of the REDFLY and its  technology as an innovative product reinforces Celio’s vision of  providing solutions that enable the smartphone to become the primary  mobile computing device.”

The REDFLY Mobile Companion has a large screen, full QWERTY keyboard,  touchpad, and USB, VGA and media ports, enabling people to use their  smartphones like a laptop. The REDFLY has no OS, storage or processor,  but uses the smartphone’s computing power to give users the ability to  interact with the smartphone’s familiar user interface or access remote  PC and company applications on an 800×480 resolution display.

The total cost of ownership of the REDFLY is significantly less than  that of a laptop or netbook because the REDFLY does not require any  additional software, wireless subscriptions or IT management. This tool  significantly increases productivity and efficiency of mobile workers.

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast No 28

image Our latest podcast is now available to download, in episode 28 we are again joined by our USA writer Micah and we discuss Windows Mobile Marketplace, the new Acer devices recently announced, HTC product leaks, HTC Magic and other Android devices, iPhone turn by turn GPS and much more.You can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or download the mp3 file here. Full show notes after the break.

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